2019-08-10 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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This will be a hard hitting show for all, it will pull no punches, it will not tread lightly on considering any peoples feelings, it will be the cold hard truth and it is time we all put our adult pants on, and act accordingly in line with Source and our true destiny, like the song says I see me through me eyes, it is time we see all see each other through all our …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, August 10, 2019

1 Space Jam Ya all ready for this 00:00:14
2 I See You (Theme from Avatar) 00:00:58
3 ACDC Who Made Who 00:09:06
4 United We Stand Brotherhood of Man 00:26:03
5 Harvester Of Sorrow 00:41:26
6 Mission Impossible Countdown Timer 01:03:14
7 Styx Fooling Yourself 01:16:29
8 Black Sabbath Children of the Grave [Dio Version] 01:35:13
9 Elton John Circle of Life 01:53:16
10 John Farnham Youre The Voice ft Jimmy Barnes & Mark Seymour AFL GF 2009 02:06:56
11 USA We are the world 03:28:08
THI Show
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