2023-02-16 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show – Transcript

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Welcome to one and all this week including a number of new listeners who once fell for the dangling carrot game and now seeing through the illusion.
This show will tell you what you need to hear, at times you may not like what you hear, but it is the truth.
There is no bigging up of the host, how can I do big when I am just the tiny man? no sensationalization of the information and certainly no bullying tactics employed against members for listening to other shows.
Threatening members for listening to my show, oh my just shameful behavior that.
One of the jibes at us is, we don’t have any intel no more (M) whilst it is true we have less than others, the big difference is, ours is based upon facts and are borne out to be true.
The end of year review predictions have all pretty much unfolded.
Our intel is done with no fanfair, sometimes it is cryptic as not all of our show is for our members.
Whilst others have intel, we have wisdom based collective consciousness insights, big difference.
One is derived from unintelligent agents with an agenda, the other is derived from inner knowing due to soul development.
The former is unsustainable, the latter goes on forever if you stay in balance.
We at THI do things a little differently, the name of the show dictates our behavior and pattern.
We lead others follow, an all-inclusive club where all are equals, a group that comes up with solutions, not creates problems.
A show that is free, not hiding behind some paywall, the words to every show for clarity every week for a small donation.
A group that spends their time improving things for the all.
That is who and what we are, and will always be.

The show last week was dominated by Jewish news, expose and pieces of atrocities and some will argue that the show is only pointing the finger towards Jews and Israel.
Fair point, but the issue is, only they are making news headlines now, the wider argument is supported by our vast archive of revealing who the main problem is on this planet, those who call themselves Jews but are not.
This show is also heavily populated with similar pieces, that is revealing and indicative, as their time of running and ruining this planet for their own greed and dark practices, is now coming to an end.
An expose later will reveal more of that positive news.
Part 2 of the Jewish mourning piece has been removed to cover other things, and will be done next week instead.
This will be a very different show, changes in the order of it, and I suspect this show may become a favorite in many ways.
Bigger picture level and beyond.

Women’s update:
In January, one of our members returned from being absent for a while and shared with us some of her techniques for: rising up into the heart, strengthening ourselves, using our swords, and how to remove cords, contracts and agreements.
This was very enlightening for all.
The next meeting, this same member went a bit further: she talked about releasing all energies that we have been focusing in areas that are not beneficial to us, before we recall all our abilities, powers and strengths back to ourselves.
She talked about thanking a person for their time and energy and thanking them for everything they have taught us, and then declaring to ourselves that we are no longer in need of their help or energy, and that we are removing all cords.
Once you bring your power back, seal it.
She went into more detail about the sword: what it represents, using it properly so that you do not cut yourself and cleansing it before you replace it.

The increase of heat being turned on the fake state of Israel continues unabated it seems.
This is a key marker for real change on this planet, as that state and the players connected to it, are the drivers of tyranny as our show has pointed out.
We knew and spoke up, others are following now in unprecedented numbers and the reign will come to an end.
The mayor of Barcelona has severed her city’s official ties with Israel, accusing the country of the crime of apartheid against the Palestinian people.
In a letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Colau said the step came in response to a campaign by dozens of local groups and thousands of activists.
She cited a number of Israeli policies, including its 55-year military occupation of the West Bank, its annexation of east Jerusalem and its construction of settlements on lands claimed by the Palestinians for a future state.
As mayor of Barcelona, a Mediterranean city and defender of human rights, I cannot be indifferent to the systematic violation of the fundamental rights of the Palestinian population, she wrote.
It would be a severe mistake to apply a policy of double standards and turn a blind eye, to a violation that has been for decades, widely verified and documented by international organizations.
In recent years, three well-known human rights groups Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and Israel’s B’Tselem, have accused Israel of apartheid, both inside the country as well as in the occupied territories.
Amnesty and the other groups say the very fragmentation of the territories in which Palestinians live, is part of an overall regime of control designed to maintain Jewish hegemony from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.
Tick tock to the control system your time matrix is counting against you.
The people are rising and now exercising their vocal cords, the final countdown has begun to end the filth you brought here and created.

This will not be a smart move, and is an example of their desperation to corral the Jewish people to be under their control and regime.
The Israeli government has authorized nine Jewish settlements in the West Bank which were previously unauthorized outposts.
It is the first such move by the new government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
The international community regards all settlements as illegal under international law, though Israel disputes this.
Palestinians see settlements as a major obstacle to a peace deal with Israel.
They want all settlements and outposts to be removed from the West Bank and East Jerusalem, which they seek for a future Palestinian state.
Israel has built about 140 settlements housing some 600,000 Jews since it occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem in the 1967 Middle East war.
Israeli authorities also announced mass construction of new homes within established settlements.
A statement from Mr.Netanyahu’s office said, a planning committee would convene in the coming days to approve new settlement homes.
The far-right Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said on Twitter these would number 10,000.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s administration said Sunday’s announcement should be condemned and rejected.
There has been no immediate comment from the US, but ambassador Thomas Nides previously made clear Washington would oppose such moves.
We want to keep a vision of a two-state solution alive.
He (Netanyahu) understands that we understand that massive settlement growth will not accomplish that goal, Mr.Nides said.
And last month US Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticized settlement activity in the occupied West Bank as an obstacle to peace.
The problem is, both Nides and Blinken are born to, and so they are spouting empty words and platitudes.
The Israeli groups are already under so much more scrutiny now, and this will lead to another swathe of people to look at the fake state in a bad light.Tick tock.

Here is another example of the evil that comes out of the Israeli junta, and yet another exposure of them, that will ultimately lead to their demise.
An unnamed Israeli military official told Saudi Arabia’s Elaph newspaper on 9 February that, Tel Aviv will not hesitate to bomb Iranian aid deliveries for disaster-struck Syria under claims that, Tehran seeks to take advantage of the tragic situation to send weapons and equipment to Hezbollah.
The official added Israel has intelligence to back up their claims, as the Israeli army has intensified its monitoring by air, land, and sea of everything that Iran is transporting to Syria.
Iran has been one of the leading countries providing humanitarian assistance to Syria since a 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastated the country’s northwest region.
Let’s replay that line again, Iran has been one of the leading countries providing humanitarian assistance to Syria, exactly, but that doesn’t fit the narrative of the mocking bird media or the agenda driven shekel makers does it?
As of Friday morning, the death toll from the quake in Syria had surpassed 3,300 people.
As a result of western sanctions, aid deliveries for Syria have been largely hindered compared to the flow of aid entering neighboring Turkiye, forcing Damascus to rely on allied nations like Russia and Iran to assist survivors.
That is deliberate, yet the media just ignores the death, suffering and plight of the Syrians, due to the Greater Israel project.
Israel’s newest threat comes just two weeks after its drones bombed three Iranian food trucks loaded with flour and rice as they headed from Iraq into Syria.
The trucks were attempting to legally enter Syria through the Al-Bukamal border crossing, days after it was opened for commercial trucks for the first time since 2019.
Israel has previously prevented aid from arriving in Syria by bombing the country’s airports, using similar claims of weapons deliveries from Iran.
In September of last year, the UN Syria Commission decried Israeli airstrikes on Damascus International Airport, made it impossible for the UN to deliver humanitarian aid to Syrians in need.
Utterly disgraceful, these hostile alien invaders need to be ousted once and for all.
The attack on 10 June severely damaged the two runways at Syria’s main joint-use airport, crippling civilian air traffic in and out of the country.
The statement came just days after Israel bombed Aleppo International Airport twice in the same week.
Israel regularly carries out illegal airstrikes inside Syria on what it claims to be Iranian or Hezbollah targets.
The Jewish people need to stand up now before they get blitzed, and do what the Draco home world did and turned against their leaders, 80% no longer want to continue their rampant and murderous policies anymore.
In essence the Jewish EL-ites are their proxy agents and not interested in their so-called fellow brethren.
The poor conditions and lack of wealth of many Jewish communities reveals that to be true.

I guess the superb owl quote used on our show and others, has finally reached a tipping point that the MSM has to cover and discount it.
It’s wordplay that has legs.
Surprisingly long, slender legs with sharp, killing claws on the ends.
It’s Superb Owl, a typo of Super Bowl running the B from “Bowl” onto Super and the phrase has taken on a life of its own, rising from the depths of an internet joke to become a popular, actually lauded day.
Erm it was not a typo at all, those of us in the Alt Media know exactly what it means.
It is a tribute to Molech or Moloch and the Bohemian Grove statue representing the same.
Typo? What happens when they find out it was their typo? Mocking bird clowns,  you will have to try harder than that to discount it.

Four suspicious flying objects have been shot down over North American skies in recent days.
The commander of NORAD and NORTHCOM explained why more of these objects seem to suddenly be popping up.
NORAD changed its radar filters to help spot smaller, slower objects after a Chinese spy balloon drifted over the US.
Really? Distraction from all their failed programs? Let’s throw a UFO story out and watch the masses gorge on that feast?
Remember NORAD are the group that tracks Santa every year.
A fictional character based on fake astronomy, so we will ignore what they have to say.

A US Air Force general overseeing commands tasked with defending US and Canadian airspace explained, that there’s a reason mysterious flying objects seem to suddenly be popping up all over the place.
There has been a change in the ways the military looks for them.
So, they admit they have been putting our alleged national security at risk, by not looking at objects properly.
Remember the clown balloon was floating over our airspace for days.
Four objects, one Chinese surveillance balloon and three other smaller objects, were shot down in the span of about a week.
The head of the military commands that have been involved in shooting down these objects flying over the US and Canada revealed in a briefing Sunday, that the uptick in discovery and engagement follows a tweak of the radar filters after the Chinese spy balloon drifted across the continental US earlier this month.
Okay, no mention of the enquiry as to how an alleged Chinese spy balloon was allowed to enter our airspace at all.
More examples of staged theater.

Here is a speech done by Henry A.Wallace, the 33rd Vice-President of the United States of America, 1940-1944.
If we define an American fascist as one who in case of conflict puts money and power ahead of human beings, then there are undoubtedly several million fascists in the United States.
There are probably several hundred thousand, if we narrow the definition to include only those who in their search for money and power are ruthless and deceitful.
A damning and devastatingly correct speech that really should have been said before the harvesters took over America’s banking system, known as the Federal Reserve.
Despite several claims made by a few Alt Media characters over the past twenty years, their devastating and slimy claws are in every Americans bank accounts.
The Blueprint endeavors to end that nightmare not only for Americans, but the other 167 countries plagued by these parasites.

We did warn this would unfold, unless they start to represent the people better.
A man suspected of attacking a congresswoman in the lift of her Washington DC apartment building on Thursday has been arrested, police say.
Angie Craig, a Minnesota Democrat, fought back by throwing hot coffee at the assailant, a police report says.
Kendrick Hamlin is accused of punching her and grabbing her neck.
The 26-year-old, of no fixed address, has been charged with simple assault.
The case is not thought to be politically motivated.
Elected to Congress in 2018, Ms.Craig, 50, is a mother-of-four and serves as co-chairwoman of the Congressional Equality Caucus.

We did forecast this year a musical chair event for leading politicians and that has been unfolding.
As now Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon is the latest to resign her Government post, the media uses propaganda to cite the job has taken a personal toll, just like Ardern in New Zealand.
Now whilst top jobs can always bring that toll and it can weigh heavily on people and families, I suspect this is a move towards making out the people can’t govern and a one world government ran by a machine is their thinking.
There are two main problems on a wider scale involving these top jobs.
Firstly, the job is not a fulfilling one unless you are interested in lowering your vibration and taking excessive shekels in compensation.
Given the fact we have no Governments only corporations, and the fact not one politician has spoken out about it, reveals they are complicit in committing fraud upon the populace they are supposed to serve.
The second issue is; it is a job that only receives criticism and zero help or support, from either the system itself or worse, the people.
I asked this question recently on a zoom, how many people actually help the government? The answer is damningly none from a public perspective.
Why is that? People dissolving all personal responsibility is the answer.
Think about it on a wider scale, the people ask for nothing, but the lobbyists demand everything.
With no pressure from the people to do anything, the people get nothing in return.
But the lobbyists scream to have their already over inflated budgets and policies enforced, and so they get what they want, largely at great cost to the people who fund it, us.
It is the old adage of, if you don’t ask you don’t get.
The key to getting everything working in a better and right way is, getting the people to help out the government more, once the true government is re-installed.
Our blueprint endeavors to facilitate that change.

The world of ponerogenic groups that needs a greater understanding that will play into the end piece this evening.
What is ponerogenic? And how does it impact our society? How can we change that dynamic? Where will that lead us to if the lessons from it are learnt?
The structure:
The command structure of ponerogenic associations is similar to that of normal groups: members specialize and complement each other’s strengths.
In this way different individuals with varying psychological defects will fill roles in which their particular gift is applicable.
The earlier phase of a ponerogenic union’s activity is usually dominated by characteropathic, particularly paranoid individuals, who often play an inspirational or spellbinding role in the ponerization process.
Recall here that, the power of the paranoid characteropath lies in that they easily enslave less critical minds.
Trauma victims, individuals with psychological deficiencies and young people often fall into the category of less critical minds.
Critical thinking ends that game of deceit.

The Ideological Mask:
The group’s stated goals are often at variance with its true nature.
Colorful literature and humanitarian values often mask its true motivations.
Take, for example, the disparity between the CIA’s stated goals, such as creating special, multidisciplinary centers to address such high-priority issues such as nonproliferation, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, international organized crime and narcotics trafficking, environment, arms control intelligence, and its widespread use of terrorism, torture, overthrowing democratically elected governments, installing foreign dictators, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, etc.
Also, compare the public humanitarian front of the Anti-Defamation League with its sordid history of illegal domestic surveillance, character assassination and collaboration with foreign spy organizations.

The first criterion of Ponerogenesis:
One phenomenon all ponerogenic groups and associations have in common is, the fact that their members lose or have already lost the capacity to perceive pathological individuals as such, interpreting their behavior in fascinated, heroic or melodramatic ways.
When a group has succumbed to pathological influence, its members soon lose the ability to distinguish normal human behavior from pathological.
This atrophy of critical faculties in relation to such individuals becomes an opening to their activities.
It can also be used to identify potentially dangerous groups.

The Characteropathy and Psychopathy:
Groups dominated by characteropaths engage in fairly primitive activities, and are thus easily broken by normal society.Psychopathic leaders, however, are often more clever, and use characteropathic individuals as subservient tools.
When arrested, such individuals accept the paramoral ideals of their leaders, acting as the group’s scapegoat and accepting the majority of the blame.
Psychopathic leaders, when in court, will correspondingly shift the blame to their underlings.
A large-scale example of this dynamic is the scapegoating of low-ranking military officers for war crimes, condoned and/or ordered by higher-ranking authorities.

Primary and Secondary Ponerogenic Unions:
There are two types of ponerogenic associations.
Primary ponerogenic associations, are those that were originally formed and designed to benefit its founding members using illicit or evil means.
These are described as unions, whose abnormal members were active from the very beginning, playing the role of crystallizing catalysts as early as the process of creation of the group occurred, for example criminal gangs.
Such groups’ antisocial activities and blatant disregard for moral values naturally disgust normal people, and thus their influence does not spread far before they lose their battle with society.
Except the people intend to ignore these groups altogether, instead of addressing them.
There is nothing more antisocial or anti-human as the control system, yet largely they operated unchecked, until now.
The secondary ponerogenic associations are groups founded with an independent and attractive social ideal, but which later succumb to moral degeneration.
Think the Soros and Clinton Foundations, the Bill and Melinda one as well, you can throw in the Proctor and Gamble clowns that punctuated the alt media a decade ago.
This degeneration leaves an opening for infection and activation of the pathological factors within, and later to a ponerization of the group as a whole, or often its fraction.
Governments, ideologies and religions are institutions founded by people whose lack of awareness of specific psychological realities and other moral failings, leave them open to covert infection and subsequent take-over by those without conscience.
The fact that these institutions have been in existence and have a long-standing tradition, has allowed them to acquire a much greater membership and notoriety.
When such an organization, working towards some social or political goal, is already accepted by a large number of normal people, ponerization of the group provides the widespread influence that primary ponerogenic unions lack.
After its takeover by psychopathic elements within the ponerogenic group, is then protected by a mask of the group’s traditional values.
This will happen in spite of the fact that these values are obviously distorted and disregarded.
For example, such a group will pass legislation and behave solely to benefit those in control, often becoming violent and starting wars of aggression.
Normal members of such a group naively protect such deviant behavior, not realizing it is the work of deviants.
Its pathology remains hidden by those who do not wish to see it objectively.
Justifications and prepared ideologies are promulgated; subconscious selection and substitution take place, and the pathology is effectively cloaked behind a mask of sanity.
The mask of unsanity more like it, and it all unfolds because the people turn their backs or remain silent on it.
Should it be effectively challenged, these things and policies cannot take place, as they daren’t risk the wrath of the public.
Those who belong to the party will label the opposition as pacifists, socialists, liberals or terrorists, or whichever label is most effective in order to invalidate their criticism.
Unfortunately, the government will only become more pathological in its behavior and egotistical toward other nations, until the deviant psychological aspects are either purged or destroy themselves.
That is unfolding now.
The same dynamic plays out in interpersonal relations.
Take, for example, Ted Bundy, who had a reputation as a kind, intelligent, respectable man.
When he was first accused of murdering several young women, his acquaintances staunchly defended his character.
This situation follows the same pattern as the macrosocial dynamic.
Such individuals will often denigrate the victims and accusers of such a previously esteemed individual.
This not only has a negative effect on the victim, but encourages further deviant behavior on behalf of the perpetrator.
The mind meme that the famous are all squeaky clean and moral upstanding people, is a blight on the people for making basic assumptions wrong, due to falsely elevating the famous above themselves.

Macrosocial Disease: Social disease may be called macrosocial under either of two conditions: 1) ponerogenic processes encompass a society’s entire ruling class, or 2) opposition from normal people is stifled, via the mass use of spellbinding, censorship, and physical compulsion.
Two general stages of macrosocial disease seem to apply to all its forms and variations: hysteria and pathocracy.

The first step in the ponerization of a group often appears as a moral distortion of the group’s original ideology.
The existence of simplistic concepts, whether moral or legal, blocks any ability for critical thought in relation to the existence of psychopaths, or their possible influence on the initial warping of the group’s ideology.
Such doctrinaire concepts are prevalent in the neoconservative ideology.
For example, You’re either with us or against us in the War on Terror and the completely arbitrary use of the label’s terrorist, terrorist sympathizer and suspected terrorist.
Just as it is normal, in the life of any human, to experience a decline in psychological or physiological resistance, thus leading to moral failings or bacteriological infection, groups experience such crises.
The pressure leading to such crises may be caused by the influence of other groups, a heightened hysterical condition or a general spiritual crisis in the environment.
The resulting weakness in proper reasoning and critical thinking skills leaves an opening for the activity of psychopaths and characteropath’s.
Reasoning and critical thinking processes have played heavily into THI shows, as they are the antidote to crass stupidity and child level behavior patterns.
Their influence then results in a further decline in moral and intellectual functioning.
The absurdity of such a dynamic can be seen in the fact that Richard Cheney, an obvious psychopath, is allowed to hold the position of vice-president.
Even when he shoots a hunting partner in the face, the media and public will studiously rationalize his coarse and psychopathic behavior.

When such individuals are treated as normal, more perceptive individuals will leave the group.
When the group has become sufficiently pathological, members will either perceive its new direction in moral terms, e.g., We must kill them all on the principle of justice and democracy, or as a form of psychological terror.
As more healthy people leave the group, taking on more counter-revolutionary positions, individuals with psychological anomalies join, removing their masks of sanity ever more often.
Without adequate knowledge, normal individuals who have been ejected from such a group will suffer immensely, cut off from their original ideological reason for joining.
Infected with unhealthy emotions and pathological material, they can assume positions opposite to those which they formerly followed.
New members are psychologically screened.
No one with too much independence or psychological normality is allowed in the group.
Detractors are treated with paramoral condemnation, in short, the patients have overtaken the asylum.

Stages of Ponerization:
When it is first infected by psychological deviants, the group maintains most of its original character.
But eventually, the more normal members are pushed into fringe functions and are excluded from organizational secrets; some of them thereupon leave the group.
Individuals with inherited deviations then progressively take over the inspirational and leadership positions.
The role of essential psychopaths gradually grows, although they like to remain ostensibly in the shadows.
In ponerogenic unions on the largest social scale, the leadership role is generally played by a different kind of individual, one more easily digestible and representative.
Examples include frontal characteropathy, or some more discreet complex of lesser traits.
The initial stage of ponerization, where membership is increasingly pathological, requires specific psychological and factual knowledge in order to recognize.
The second, more stable and overtly pathological stage, is readily apparent to most normal people, but is interpreted in moral or sociological terms.
Over time, as the group becomes more heavily ponerized, the spellbinders who originally led such a group are relegated to the task of repackaging the ideology for propaganda purposes.
The leadership roles become saturated with more psychopathic individuals, while the normal group acquires more characteropathic individuals.
Just Like Government is it not?
As is the case with the Neoconservative ponerogenic union’s ostensible “unitary executive” George W.Bush, group propaganda maintains the erroneous overestimation of the leader’s real power.
This leader is dependent upon the interests of the union, especially the elite initiates, to an extent greater than he himself knows.
Exactly, as the front puppet clowns have no idea of the structure above them, or in some cases that it actually exists.
He wages a constant position-jockeying battle; he is an actor with a director.
They are all actors with several directors, politics is pure theater and all the world is a stage.
In macrosocial unions, this position is generally occupied by a more representative individual not deprived of certain critical faculties; initiating him into all those plans and criminal calculations would be counterproductive.
In conjunction with part of the elite, a group of psychopathic individuals hiding behind the scenes steers the leader, the way Borman and his clique steered Hitler.
If the leader does not fulfill his assigned role, he generally knows that the clique representing the elite of the union is in a position to kill or otherwise remove him.
The blackmail tactic, of which we have developed a solution to that.
In such a manner, George W.Bush was steered and controlled by a group of psychopathic advisors: Richard Perle to name but one.
Perle is a character that went right under the radar within alt media outside of this show, a total psychopath.
He has been involved with several think-tanks, including the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the Center for Security Policy, the American Enterprise Institute, Project for the New American Century, and the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.
Perle was born in New York and the son of Jewish parents, well I never!
People going more and more dark, is not the remit of the dark themselves, it was the inability of the light to shine their beacons and make them accountable.
The dark play a role for us, to observe not absorb and so their going radically dark is our failure to address it and them.
Something we cannot repeat going forward.
The key to it? Observe not absorb.

This is an interesting article and a good overview of what will play out in the near future.
It supports some of what I have revealed, and I will add some tiny sprinklings of intel into it.
I have warned of the increase in exposure of Israel, and yes in some way THI has played a role in that, but clowns always use things for their advantage.
The Jewish EL-ite faction split connected to Israel is starting to fray at the seams, much disclosure will be wrought from it, and it will escalate.
But, it also gives us a massive opportunity, more on that later.
In 2013, Henry Kissinger let it slip that Israel would be toast in ten years.
2023 would be ten years later.
In Gematria, since zero doesn’t count, that reduces to 223, which promises to be an interesting year.
223 is also Synagogue of Satan, Masonic and Skull and Bones, 223 goes back to the 22300 Levites in the Bible.
Levites are the big Jews, god’s special ministers, the Kohens.
Whilst the lackey Jews get to be thrown under the bus.
With the recent UN resolution 2234, condemning Israel, the Israeli ambassador said it was the 223rd resolution condemning Israel.
Can you believe that? What are the odds this resolution gets by with a US abstention?
The Jews should put their paranoia to good use on that one.
What does it mean? Is their own government finally screwing them? America is about to sell them out and Israel will go down in flames.
Israel has no nukes because there are no nukes, which is correct and the Iron Dome is just fireworks.
Dumb Israeli-Zionists are being played by their own government and the big Jews.
They have been given a false sense of security and the US will soon pull the rug out from under them.
It’s not the first time Jews were sold out, but it will be pleasant to see them feel the sting of betrayal.
When Jews are paranoid of fellow Jews, that’s good for the goy.
You have to ask, do Big Jews love Jews more, Satan more or Israel more? and what fits the big picture? What is the big picture, the end game?
For the Big Jews or EL-ites, Israel is expendable, Jews are expendable, but not Satan.
Who is the antagonist, the revolutionary spirit, as Satan or Lucifer gives Jews their identity.
How might Israel end? By war or by mass democracy?
It is conceivable that Israel will be forced by the international community to give voting rights to all Palestinians, once Israel completely devours Palestinian territory.
As Thomas Jefferson said with slavery, Gentiles are like wolves, you can’t hold on and you can’t let go.
Israel can’t survive with Palestinians and it can’t kill them off, without complete isolation and collapse.
Once Israel yields to mass democracy, with Jews split between two or more different parties, Palestinians will vote in a block and win the Israeli cabinet.
The one-state solution is the final solution to the Israeli problem.
That will be a rejoicing day for the world, never mind the Palestinians.
But, it is only rejoiceful if it is replaced with something better, that is the key to all of life.
It is the key to inner work as well, replace the dark, heavy and dank trauma with something more beautiful and enriching.
Stem the tide of lost loves and broken relationships, and endeavor to wipe the slate clean and start anew, only then can we truly go forward.
Israel like our own past has not served us well, but it can teach us lessons for the now and the future.
Either way, the notion of an exclusively Jewish state will be over.
Then again, it might not be by mass democracy, but by some war between Jews and Muslims that ends Israel per the Albert Pike plan.
That is the original plan, that was changed by the Jewish EL-ite media it became between the Muslims and the Christian Whites, over time like some sort of Mandela effect it subtly changed.
Political Zionism is supposed to come to an end, all political isms must end, as it was all created as an illusion of being different, except it was all the same, both sides of the same coin in a bag of coins.
The end of political Zionism means the end of Israel.
The good thing about such a war is that Christian Zionists will have the chance to walk on land mines to save Israel, but Israel is as good as dead.
Israel exists in the context of a much larger stage play, but it’s time for Israel to go.
This is simply a working theory going forward; but things foreshadow it.
Jesus, Trump, and Israel are just characters in the story; all of them get the curtain, sooner or later.
This may have been the plan all along: to create Israel only to destroy it; just as they built the Twin Towers, only to destroy them.
The elites want an Armageddon, as do Christian Zionists, but for different reasons.
The Jesus freaks want Jesus to come again; the elites want to bring in Lucifer, maybe they were one and the same?
They can bring in whoever they want, they will face the same fate as the others in the past decade.
Bring it on.
The state known as Israel is meant to be the spark.
This points to the deeper layer to his story, the passing of the ages, that can explain what’s going on now.
The elites pay tributes to the Bible where the Bible is a tribute to the Zodiac, all of which has a hidden hand or tail, Ophiuchus.
Elites produced the Bible sometime in the Roman Empire, an arrangement achieved between the Flavians and the Alexanders who were Jews.
The bible is their story not ours, their prophecies are their plans not ours and their character are theirs also not ours.
Their descendants and allies act out this vast stage play, all the worlds a stage remember and we have stood by as mere extras, not no more we won’t.
They can do it because they are a team, something we the people need to learn, there is no I in team.
This team has a plan, position and money to buy up new companies, control technology, and call the shots because they own the stock and created the governments.
They plan things decades and centuries beforehand.
The Zodiac is very helpful in planning the story and then paying tribute to it, manufacturing history in its service.
This is their real religion; history is the tribute elites pay to the stars.
This is their good works, except it no longer works does it? As failure after failure prevails.
It is said that after the Jews conquer the world and bring in the New World Order, they will reveal their leader, Lucifer.
What does that mean in reality? Will we get to see a talking lizard?
By studying astro-theology, we can say for certain that Jesus is a character playing the role of the sun, his story will come to an end, as the Zodiac goes through ages.
There was the Age of the Aries (Moses), and the Age of Pisces (Jesus).
The Age of Jesus is coming to an end now, the Age of Aquarius is upon us.
Personally I beg to differ, but it matters not what the age, that is the important part, what matters is what we create, not what they ascertain for us.
Will the elites end the Age of Jesus by unveiling their new tribute to the sun, Solis Aquas, in place of, Jesus Christ?
Unless Jews have a lizard leader, it is likely that this is the real meaning of bringing in the light, and revealing a new leader, ringing in the New World Order.
This is why elite bastards can be so confident it will happen, no one can stop time, or so they thought.
This leader of the world is simply the new sun god for the Age of Aquarius.
Consider the timing of it all, there must be a connection between the old age, a final war and the new world order and its new god.
What else could actually lead the world but the sun, by a new name? But consider this; what if it is not a new name? but a spark from the past before the corruption took place here.
What if that new placeholder is already installed? What happens next? What if caring and sharing goes to whole new levels?
The author said; Ordinarily, sun-worship would benefit man.
Everyone believes in the sun and everyone can understand it and celebrate its benefits to us.
There is nothing fundamental to fight over, the sun is free and gives light to all.
Yet, elites crucify man upon their riddles to the sun with their diseased doctrines driven by megalomania.
They know their religion to be a damaging fabrication used for social control.
There would be no need to kill people to believe in the sun; but there is a need to manufacture meaningless doctrines that people bleed over, to assure elite power.
The elites welcome sacrifice and arrange timed-tributes, September 11th, 2001 is loaded with such tributes.
But, what happens to their timed tributes when their time matrix fails?
For elites, power is measured by what they can get away with.
Presumably, because elites know there is no hell and things reincarnate, they have no fear of punishment for terror, torture and murder.
Getting away with it is no longer a given, as for hell? Wait until they meet the maker and their days, years, decades and indeed millennia of atonement ends.
What happens then jackasses?
Joe Biden was molesting children right on camera, yet no umbrage came from the public or the parents.
Elites give in your face hints to their crimes, but the public can, barely, care to establish justice and destroy them, they are genetically-selected to obey.
The bots play their game for them, unable to see, never mind what they can’t see out of sight.
Real leaders get cut down or absorbed by the elite.
The elites don’t care if we destroy them; they know they deserve it; they just laugh at the people because we don’t.
This reinforces their conviction of being elites who deserve to rule.
Yes, they laugh at our own rank stupidity to fall for the same shit repeatedly, and then do nothing to change it.
With the Vatican doing everything it can to lose credibility with Cat holics, and Cat holicism unraveling due to the Pope’s mixed signals on traditional doctrines, it would seem this was the plan all along.
Remember the Cat holics are part of the Hebrew cult.
The New World Order is the Age of Aquarius, Jesus and the Catholic Church have to go.
Sun-worship abandoned Egypt for Rome, and now Washington for Rome, it’s like White genocide, it’s not like, it was and it is.
The Catholic Church is not putting up a fight, but leading the way for its demise.
Watching the Christmas mass for a glance at the great art of the Church, I realized Pope Francis had no enthusiasm for anything he read.
He did the incense; and when smoke flapped around, I thought of chem-trails.
When you let Muslims take over your sacred spaces, like a cowardly captain, you’ve abandoned the ship before women and children.
What that means for mankind, and what that means for blood-Europeans, is not hard to see.
The biggest upheavals are yet to come.
Perhaps Islam will take over Rome and lead a crusade to destroy Israel; where both Islam and Zionism are destroyed, a claim attributed to Albert Pike.
Things can happen faster than we imagine, especially when things are rigged.
Except the rigging is not just done by one side anymore, as the two dark factions faced off on each other with another Cosmic Genetic dance of failure, for the first time a new faction came to and within the light and to challenge them both.
This is now unearthing on a bigger scale than you all think.
The Georgia Guide-stones speak of starving out millions to reduce the population.
To bring in the new god, Jesus must be a discredited; famine would do it.
The Elites know the art of demoralization, they invented morality to control us.
A manufactured Apocalypse is obviously being suggested from Albert Pike to the Rockefellers to effectuate that.
They have a plan and we don’t, they know, we can only guess.
The author of that sentence is out of date, it is they who have no plan only repeat ouroboros programs, we do have a plan, they know of it and won’t stop it.
It is the general masses who are guessing, because we aren’t guessing anything, we are creating our new world without them spoiling it with their dark, but ultimately light leading intentions.
With chem-trails, the elites can engineer a mass frost during flowering that cuts down the harvests north and south, twice in one year.
That would bring world famine, right now, they are just practicing to get it right, as Elites love to use famine as a war weapon.
People don’t care about chem-trails, but they will when their belly is empty and they have to eat others to survive.
That part I don’t agree with personally, chemtrails is all very 2000’s and what has it ultimately changed except the weather?
America is nothing that we thought it was.
America is the Great Satan, founded by Satanic Freemasons who built a capitol and a currency with plenty of occult tributes.
The Iraq war started 555 days after September 11th, 2001; the Washington Monument is 555 ft tall, that’s 6660 inches.
This proves Iraq was not a clear and present danger, but a sacrifice and timed-tribute.
The elites, including, Trump were in on 911, there is no doubt Trump knows way more than what he is letting on.
Yes he does, yet he did nothing to stop anything, another person based purely upon economics, all about the ego and shekels with him.
He loves pizza, he rode Epstein’s plane, he’s on the Illuminati cards, was in The Simpsons.
All a stage act and a bad one at that.
Maybe Trump will investigate 911 and pin Israel and regrettably blow it up, he knows the script and how the game works.
This rat wheel has roots that go back centuries.
The public is not able or willing to be masters of their own destiny, in general that is correct, but we are endeavoring to change all that at THI.
If we use the term Aryan to designate devotion to excellence in man, method and race, Aryans are caught between the elite psychopaths and the apathetic sheeples.
Aryans will need to live their own story, create a fork in history and create their own destiny.
That in so many ways is unfolding, we have created our story and not only put a fork in their story but destroyed it in so many ways.
And we are creating our own destiny to boot.
The elites are vested in making their story come true, they construct history, instead of predicting it.
That’s what real elites would do, and it gives them the advantage of being the protagonists initiating history.
Everyone else is forced to predict and/or react, for us, that’s a huge disadvantage.
This is the ultimate inside job, on a scale generational institution can relate to, but individuals can’t.
That section is now under the greatest threat ever, and the Elites know it, hence the mass push to build their bunkers to hide, except they will not be able to accomplish that hide and seek game.
The author said the Jew-loving public is vested in saving Israel, when the joke is on them.
We can use this fact to our advantage, Israel isn’t worth your time.
When a Jew, like Kissinger, could care less about Israel, there’s something bigger amuck.
It would not be unprecedented, after all the elites dissolved the British Empire, why not Israel?
The public must not be allowed to count on anything forever, all values must be overthrown.
If Christians value Israel, it must be overthrown.
The new god must be ushered in by breaking faith in the old one.
In a roundabout way, Jews could destroy Christian love for Jesus by smashing Israel into a thousand pieces.
The Elites need chaos, pure and simple.
That’s their ruling state that maximizes their opportunities, the power out of chaos, our power is maximized by stability.
This is an extremely clinical and cynical view, but we know the elites love to get us going.
Except their plans fail, and now they are getting desperate.
The more desperate, the more people see them for what they are.
Who wasn’t surprised by that odd Jew-loaded Catholic charity event of Trump and Clinton?
We know Trump is a role-player, a potential Israeli-serving dictator.
In this larger context, it’s possible he is a Nixon-figure, the anti-communist who negotiates and opens China; Trump being the super-Zionist who puts Israel in its place.
This is a long-shot the author said, but if Israel is just a pawn in a larger story, a solar epic, then his job is to pull the plug on the Jews, remember Trump has already met with Kissinger.
Something is up, something is in play, and Trump and the other puppets are the actors in a failed B movie.
Yes, in my opinion Is Ra el is just another pawn, all countries are pawns.
On this level of a chess game, the people, scripted puppets and countries are not on the board.
Indeed the whole of the control document we covered in FHSTOS part 9, never even referenced the people anywhere on the document.
So, why would countries or religions matter to them, they don’t.
How do Satanists create Satanists? How will Christians accept Satan? Whip up support for Israel and then sacrifice it.
Satanists already give pets to children and then kill the pet in front of the child, this changes the innocent mind to the Satanic.
For millions of Christians, Jews are the apples of the Christian eye, as sacrificing Israel sacrifices Jesus.
To lick their wounds, they will accept Satan.
I cannot disagree with that statement as far too many people act like children and demand a savior.
The flavor of savior matters not, just that they believe a story that someone will save them.
That is how the child level masses mind works.
But, to the increasing populace who are finally seeing through their own fog, never mind the hostile invaders, they will get full confirmations within the Day of the Svarog.
The dark have to play in the light unhidden and then the people will see.
The movie is playing out until the masses see.
Albert Pike said; The Third World War must be fomented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the Agentur of the Illuminati between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World.
The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other.
Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion.
Zionism was made to be destroyed.
Building and destroying Israel is a stepping-stone to the new age of Lucifer, something we can barely imagine.
Not this time it won’t, the author is as guilty of the fear game as much as the agents of doom portray.
He forgets or doesn’t yet understand or comprehend, the game is and has changed.
What if WW3 is and has been playing out on a wider scale? Did you notice? Did you not put the myriad of clues given in the shows, that this was underway?
The game has changed, far more than you realize, far more than the clowns realize, although there is heavy rumblings within their ranks, they know something is not right, yet can’t figure it out or their arrogance supersedes them.
The words not all will make it, only the few will go forward, from 2020 you will see, in the faction wars we will get disclosure, the top order has been decimated, the dark teaches us the best lessons.
The show have the gods returned? The statement: the gods or goddesses will not be returning.
Here is a ponder; perhaps the gods and goddesses never left? Another saying in the show should spring to mind; all who were here at the beginning are here at the end.
What if they are here to witness their own downfall? just like all the male based planets lined up on a cool May evening last year.
What if their downfall was all planned? What if they were the wayshowers? Did you see? Or what did you not see?
Did the cosmic alignments not trigger you in a deeper way? For those who saw my presentation in January you will get that more.
THInk deeper, THInk bigger, imagine further and embrace it all.
The author said; Christian Zionists are bigger fools than we imagine, they are not merely Jew-servile.
The blood and money Christians devote to Israel isn’t even meant to keep Israel around.
Why would you want to play that game? It’s so rigged, their foolishness is pitiful, but you can’t pity those who lust for the end of the world.
Israel is a false idol, a golden calf that will be sacrificed by the powers that be to make these cucks Satanists.
They are absolute suckers because they don’t know their own religion is a religion of sun-worship.
Yet again a piece where the religiosity aspect blocks their own full views, but at least this piece has gone some way to seeing.
But until the whole religious charade is brought to a screaming halt, key components will always be missed.
World War 3 underway now will see to that, a different type of war that is essentially between the external saviors and the internal ones, the fence sitters and bots or the all doing personal responsibility people, a war between the mind and the heart.
Which sides of that triality wins is now your choice, not theirs.
The religion of the sun was Ra, who operated within the real religion of the moon cult, via Lilith and the Kali Ma, along with the Cat holic church, that suppressed the female aspect of life and purpose for thousands of years.
That then denied the true balance, but that balance is currently being restored.
Their Eve’s, Lilith’s, Isis, Hathor and many others these clowns super imposed over the divine feminine, will no longer apply.
The true feminine will rise again shortly and these imposters will no longer prevail.
It is always darkest before the dawn, and with the dawn, arises a new way of being, living and operating.
A return to the balance, an end to the illusion based matriarchy and patriarchy, they were just the blue and red pills game again.
The true feminine aligned equally with the true masculine, a spiral dance of simplicity, waltzing through the ages, returned from before the mists of time, echoing the harmonic frequency that has returned out of the past and installed in the now and for the future.
Never fear the New World Order, they are pawns in the game as well, as eventually a new world will emerge without their pathetic Order.
Maybe it already has, and you have yet to fully “see”.
Take note of these lyrics in your ponderings.
Oh, let the sun beat down upon my face, with stars to fill my dream.
I am a traveler of both time and space to be where I have been.
To sit with elders of a gentle race this world has seldom seen.
Who talk of days for which they sit and wait, when all will be revealed.
Another mantra from our show, and another potential clue was; We didn’t come here to play their game; we came here to change it.

Well I have been pondering again, oops.
Here comes some deep pondering and not intel, but wisdom based consciousness fields of collective understanding.
Recently I had a call with a member that has interesting wider implications for male and female, if one is out of balance, both are.
Something was said that didn’t resonate in relation to the lower chakras.
It was stated the lower chakras were male and the upper female.
This is the distortion of the new age program of reversing things, another example of having to do a 180.
I am not 100% certain whether upper and lower chakras goes by gender, but would make far more sense if the lower chakras were female.
The root chakras and the lower diamond shape are female in origin, and given the birthing comes from that region is does make more sense.
So the females being blocked in lower 3, where you have the root or sex chakra, plus the sacrum and sacral, hence the sexual and birthing issues related to the female.
The male in the top 3 of the throat, third eye and crown, most males these days are blocked at the throat and the third eye not easily accessible and the crown mostly not accessible due to a lack of soul growth.
Women operate under fire or so they think, but it took on masculine form of fiery, they often resonate from the gut or sacral region.
Some women are undergoing a process and addressing the feminine root chakras, sex, sacral, solar plexus, this is about healing the family line also.
The remainder heart, throat, third eye and crown needs to be addressed a lot more going forward for more of us to develop.

A warning at this time to focus heavily on your progress, not on your lack of.
The levels in terms of soul growth are not an external knowing, it is internal process.
I know we all like to know and vocalize it, but this stuff is internal only and your supposed to develop your intuition and then you know what you know or what you need to know.
This is why I speak much of going inwards, it is the key.
Sometimes you are not meant to know it all, you have to give over to inner trust and say, it is what it is.
We are re-learning the inner path, away from the external paths we all took.
We are a work in progress.

Last weekend we had the latest update to our member Kevin and his presentations that have enlightened us all.
A cosmic, mathematical, time, ages and theoretical dance devoid of fake scientific study and Johns Hopkins math.
Here are some of the things I took home from it, with some deep ponderings to come.
It opened with totalitarianism and the value of truth, and showed a clip from the past surrounding the micro-chip.
The question begged; what is the chip chipping away at? Yet in some ways via the internet have we not chipped them back?
Kevin spoke about thinking big and also positive, they are the two paths that THI the show took.
Thinking big whilst being a tiny man, has served me and us well.
It mentioned about finding the patterns, a meme of ours, but it is essential to reverse their patterns and create our own.
Much of what Kevin revealed in the first hour is not the future, it is actually unfolding.
It spoke to the lack of the feminine aspect and how we must all correct that.
Kevin mentioned astro-engineering, that is unfolding as well if you got the cryptic pieces done this year.
Kevin spoke upon the difference in all of the calendars, and how extra days were added into the mix.
The reason for that was, extra slave days for the workers, more productivity and shekels for the overlords.
The leap year reared its head, my take from that includes another meme; take the leap of faith.
Because that means you will not be going back into time.
In the diagrams it appeared to me to be two calendars in parallel, just like the overlay wave frequency from our 2 worlds become 3 episode.
Kevin mentioned what he called the usual suspects, a series of numbers that all equaled nine apart from the first two of 3 and 6, which equals a nine when combined.
That will be the basis of the new banking system, when the time is right, but I’m not expecting it anytime soon, although the Blueprint and the removal of certain elements could escalate that.
It has to be implemented in a caring/sharing way, devoid of the shekel people and their harvesting.
Implemented by people who are interested in humanity, not shekels.
A whirlwind first hour that cried out for much pondering, but that was only the appetizer as Kevin skillfully prepared us all for the increase in ponderings, understandings and wisdom the next hour would reveal.
One of the usual suspect numbers and the next in terms of dates on the calendar was 2025, it is important to remember it is only a reference point at this stage, we must work every day to achieve optimal results between now and then, and beyond.
It spoke of the Kali wave sequence and the Kali Yuga is at the bottom of the wave, this brought a deep pondering and potential realization.
The overlay wave discussed earlier, created the kali yuga age permanently.
There was supposed to be 9 ages, the Kali Yuga created the 10th and in came the decimal, deci meaning tenth, mal meaning bad or wrongful.
This then brought in their binary codes of 1’s and 0’s, remember the planets went from 12 to 10 also, and here comes the technology age that ultimately leads to destruction of races, species and sometimes the planets as well.
Twelve is also a base number for the numerology clowns, when it is 12+1.
It could be argued that the clock should be 9 hours day and night, equals an 18 hour day, which equals nine again, and Kevin mentioned 9 months being of 36 days, both equals nine again.
The modern day clock or time pieces largely were developed in Switzerland, Rothschild country but was enforced by the Cat holic church around the middle of the last thousand year period.
Cat holic church and Switzerland are linked not just via the Swiss guards, the great question is; what are they guarding?
It is my belief that calendars are all different, as they are not all representative of this planet.
What if the varying calendars are based on their home world systems? 
The Jewish New Year is celebrated from September, said to be the anniversary of Adam and Eve, I think we have ascertained it was not our Adam and Eve at this point.
A celebration of G-d as King it is said, is it a cohencidence the Pindar is generally selected at this time? I think not.
The calendar of 364 days equaled 13, the leap year day of 2-29 also equaled 13.
The 9 months became 10, just like the yuga ages, 10 being the decimal and binary system.
So, the clowns instead of moving the planet caused an increase in the spin of the inner core around 12-13k ages ago.
Which is precisely the same time as the spacecraft arrived, known as our moon.
But the spin of the inner core has stopped or slowed now, what do you deduce from that?
The bombardment was over the Rus area, and there was a mention of the need for a planetary defense system.
The Rus already built one and was used with the Tunguska event.
The science world states it was comet bombardments, no come ET bombardment, likely from Rahu and Ketu.
But the fiery spheres in the sky when observed in overview, renders the pondering of; are they the fiery serpents?
Kevin spoke of a 6 degree shift of the gap between us and the Wesedak overlay, this adds a whole new meaning to the 6 degrees of separation.
The written told of the fiery bombardment from the sky and stated everyone was choked with salt, any questions?
The science of chronology; the science that deals with measuring time by regular divisions and that assigns to events their proper dates.
You do realize that is a tribute to Cronus.
Ponderings; was the moon the icy comet? Will the spin of the inner core send the planet clockwise? Is the 12 months going back to 9? Was the disappearance of Autumn last year connected? If Autumn falls, so will Ophiuchus the serpent bearer.
The Kali age ending? Will the Kali black sun go with it? Will the golden age of satya unfold?
Did the sum arians overlay the Aryans with math? Is it the sum of arians?
Saturday at 11am MT for the fourth and final part of the presentation.
A round table discussion is planned about this presentation tentatively for March 4th.

A curious and interesting observation of mine I have watched unfold with alarming regularity within the zoom calls, mewe chats and discussions within the village.
One member in the village stopped and recognized it, of how much their language and discourse has changed.
The way they speak, how they speak, gone are the platitudes and clichés provided by the media and in comes THI speak and code.
Barely a sentence goes by without referencing the extensive memes that have come out of this show, sometimes in multiples and it is fun to see and hear.
So many meme sentences created for and by us, is in overview a rewriting of the spellcasting they did on us.
We have developed our own language in essence, one that talks in higher tongues and common sense.
You do realize the more this takes off and holds, we are counteracting their AI systems.
Out with their spellcasting tags, labels and boxes and in with common sense memes.
Out with their mind memes and in with heart centered memes that have an impact.
If it doesn’t make sense, it is a program is one of them, theirs never made sense, ours does.
Clowns is being used throughout alt and MSM now.
I am sure you all have your personal favorites.
This is an example of changing things without noticing it, it is a subtle 180 away from their control over our words.
Embrace it and expand it I say, as that change in language and delivery will be the way forward.

Recently we mentioned about events coming from the sun, and how we should not fear them.
We got 3D confirmation of that statement, as several news media are now focusing on what is happening with our sun, in reality, they have no clue.
The MSM and supported by the National Zionists at NASA are panicking over sun flares again.
Predictably the doom merchants of the alt media are all going (you’re all gonna die), all atypical of unintelligent agents operating within the Alt Media.
There was been 4-5 blasts from the sun over the course of this year, all are beneficial for those operating within the light spectrum, not so for the dark forces.
Ignore the doom merchants, integrate the energies sent and push forward.
There may be another blast this month as well, think of it in terms of an upgrade.

This is the second one.
Talk about Polar Vortex! Material from a northern prominence just broke away from the main filament and is now circulating in a massive polar vortex around the north pole of our Star.
For those of you who saw the presentation on our sun and planet, think as above so below.
Implications for understanding the Sun’s atmospheric dynamics above 55° here cannot be overstated, they cry.
Just this month, the sun projected multiple powerful flares that disrupted communication on Earth, according to Space.com, although it appeared to be otherwise harmless, indeed as we forecasted.
The sun is en route to reaching its peak of activity during the current 11-year cycle in 2025, they say.
2025 again, the window of opportunity only, not a fixed get out of jail free card, you must work on you and enhance manifest abilities for the benefit of the all.
Polar vortex was a further clue by the way.

Recently a member asked should she still follow or watch certain alt media entities and the dark intentions they proffer, my reply was observe but don’t absorb if you choose to watch or listen.
Another reply after that was this, and is important for you all to take note and notice of.
My and our focus is not on the dark or malevolent anymore, but only what we are, have and will do for the light.
We are winning in extraordinary ways and the dark is becoming an irrelevance now.
Leave them to flail around and to fail, they are not our concern.
As the third anniversary of the day of Svarog looms next month, perhaps that day will signal the external start of the shift, but know the internal shift is already well underway.
Focus on you and us, we are all we have for now, with the inner knowing that things are unfolding on an unprecedented scale.
Nothing else matters currently, as we all sit on the edge of something truly extraordinary.
Nothing else mattURS, hmm the URS, now where have we heard that before?

The joys and pains of love can be all encompassing, an endless spiral dance of emotions, that like a balloon inflates or deflates you.
The key is to inflate the self within balance, to keep the person and collective aloft.
Yet true love is a rare event, as an illusion has been created around it, a trick game almost on a par with religion in overview.
The true love starts with and comes from within, that when developed plays a long lost tune or melody via the Music of the Spheres, that creates the vision of the flower of life pattern inside of you.
As above so below, as within and so without.
The heart then pumps a bit faster and provides the extra capacity to integrate that event.
Why does the heart do that? Because that is the soul/spirit package singing to the higher tunes of the Universe.
The 432 tune only several octaves higher.
A long lost and distant tune, outside of our general hearing range, but not the extra 7 senses that kicks in when you develop the higher frequencies within.
Love makes the heart sing, perhaps you now have a grasp as to why.
The key now is to remember, remember, remember.
Amnesic thought patterns will not serve you.
3d life brings much pain and suffering it seems, you do realize that is the effect, the cause is: us.
Going to higher dimensions will not be accessible or beneficial for those in those realms, if you haven’t mastered this level yet.
The Alt Media 5D program is another savior program, the thinking behind it is, it will take all the pain, trauma and tribulations away from them, just like getting into the sleeping pods then, the answer is it won’t, until you fix it.
Until you fix it, you ain’t going anywhere, 5D is another hamster wheel program, the majority of people on this planet will never attain that level anytime soon.
A harsh truth, but factual.
Love is the answer they say, but will you embrace it? Or fear it? If you use fear you do realize you cannot experience love in its full magnificence.
We often talk about addictions in terms of drugs and alcohol, yet fail to recognize fear as the most damaging addiction known to man.
End fear and the gate comes to you.
It weighs heavily upon us, when the world’s best diet for relieving weight is, releasing the expectation and opinions of others, it is ultimately down to what your expectations and opinions are.
The heart is heavy they say, because it is not operating in the right way, and your soul is reminding you to lighten up.
How can you go into the higher frequencies which is lighter and less dense, with a heavy heart?
You won’t, as that not only presents a glass ceiling effect, but as above so below, a glass floor as well, and you plunge through it.
But ultimately, you shattered the self not the glass, and you became the Humpty Dumpty.
What you needed to shatter was, the illusions you had created within.
The glass ceiling or floor does not exist, you created that with and by illusion.
The sky is the limit they say, my reply is; which sky?
We often hear the saying of lost loves and the pain that brings, the reason being is both people have inserted each other into their own fields, and so the split becomes more painful as you are experiencing the pain of both.
A lesson for us all, keep your autonomy and place everyone else outside of your field.
In the words of a song; that plays out like a THI show.
Circus life under the big-top world, yes all the worlds a stage operated by clowns whilst we sit in the peanut gallery clapping to our own misery, suffering and malaise.
We all need the clowns to make us smile, only trouble is, whilst we smile at the clowns, they are laughing back at us.
Except the clowns are not laughing as much now, and they are operating in fear now.
Through space and time, always another show, yes every Thursday like clockwork as we traverse through and beyond the space and the time.
Wonderin’ where I am lost without you, but I get the joy of rediscovering you, as we all fight to rediscovering ourselves.
I thought I’d lost you is a saying, but love becomes the bridge to the lost, can you make it to the other side or will fear make you not take the leap of faith?
Love, hope and faith will take you beyond your own self-imposed limitations and fears.
The thinking of losing another is a painful event, but the lack of thinking upon losing the self, is the more pressing and painful matter.
Losing the self is the equivalent of losing the love, the two are intertwined in the harmonic dance of life, the sun, inner or outer versions and ultimately onto the return of Source, all of which is within you.
I thought I had lost you comes from the mind, in reality there was no loss, as it all still resided in the heart when it was ultimately set free.
And oh the joy that brings, two people left to rise in love again, not fall.
The excitement, the tingling of all the cells, the sheer happiness it brings is priceless.
Operating in and of the heart is our ultimate goal and our true freedom.
A timeless dance, a radiance of inner light, the beaming smiles that nourishes the soul for us all.
This is our song, on our journey of discovery, towards our destination, of our own choosing.

THI Show