2022-05-17 – THI Show – TPC Presents – The Solutions Show – Transcript

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The majority of the solutions in this show is for America, as that is the final battle field
and determines the outcome of many other countries.
But, these solutions are ultimately for the whole world.
Over the course of time THI with help of others including the Trustee, I have come up
with several solutions to fix the myriad of problems, not only this country faces but
For too long now the ouroboros policies of the think tank groups have hampered and
destroyed the peoples way of life, created mass suffering, and destroyed any chance of
humans progressing beyond the stage of juvenile level.
Our life force energy has been harvested by all kinds of nefarious practices, from
Government to religion, to fake spirituality practices, to bankers, to rogue intelligence
agencies, to the rarely spoken about off world influence.
All have contributed to our downfall, why? because we allowed them to.
We have been too lazy to do things ourselves and rely on a Government system to fix
things for us, which is the most ridiculous thing ever undertaken by the people.
Do I want an end to Government? No, I want to see a governance ran for and by the
Not wealthy greed based psychopaths, not self-appointed so called EL-ite families and
their bloodlines, not Pindar’s, not Rothschild’s, not the Black Sun, not Secret Societies or
elite pedophile rings either.
They have not only failed us all, but themselves as well.
Vast quantities of their energies and funds is now being used just to keep an illusion
going, it’s over.
We need a new system ran by we the people operating in a civilized adult thinking
caring and sharing manner, with the premise that, all people win, not just a few.
All people are catered for with the five basics of life, food, water, clothing, shelter and
energy, after that everything else is a bonus you should work for and towards.
We have enough food to feed 3 planets each year and yet around half of our populace
go starving?
We can house every person on the planet in 1000 sq foot of real estate each person,
and house them all in the state of Texas alone, over population is an outright conspiracy
The old system provides and uses billions of our dollars, and other currencies to build
miles of oil pipes, yet won’t invest the same for a basic in life, called water pipes?
The old system can provide and uses trillions of our dollars and other currencies to fight
wars where no person wins, except the greedy bankers and bloodline family groups.
Yet the same Government who launches the wars can’t find enough money to properly
look after its own people? All out of the peoples own money, and we allowed this to all
Remember Governments and Banks don’t have any money, they only have our money,
and yet millions of people turn around and say I never realized that, exactly because we
don’t think enough is why.
The most advanced human/spirit package and you don’t think enough? do you realize
how stupid that makes us all look?
The old system talks, and mind controlled children as well (hello Greta) about climate
control, yet the very ones complaining of climate control are the ones playing genital
size contests, with high rise buildings in every town and city all over the westernized
worlds, that have been proven to increase the temperature there by 10-15 degrees each
and every day.
All of which uses up more energy, energy they have told us we are running out of, they
are the problem.
The old system talks of destroying the ecosystem, yet it is they who cut down all the
trees, they who destroy landscapes for oil pipelines, they who destroy oceans with oil
pipelines again, along with military testing and also dumping their waste from nuclear
and many other hazardous waste plants.
The old system talks about our skies, and yet it is they with their chemical aerosols, their
outdated technology planes, their military planes, their spying satellites, spent rockets
and other space junk that pervades the whole area around our planet now.
The old system talks of running out of land yet has spent 100’s of years blowing up,
setting fire to and bombing into oblivion the same 5% of land that is developed on
Earth, over and over again.
I will repeat again, only 5% of this planet is developed.
The old system also brought into play the nuclear or atomic weapons, that destroys the
land, water and air for many years to come and yet blame the people for the failing
The old system brought us education, which means training of animals, that has reduced
intelligence levels globally to alarming levels.
The old system brought us religion, an experiment into how humans can worship
something outside of themselves, and not go within and find the true Source.
The old system brought us isms, and made it look like one political system was different
from the other, like socialism, capitalism, fascism, communism, liberalism, conservatism,
authoritarianism, all come under another ism and banner, known as Zionism.
Which unknown to many is an off world program, that brought us fake law, fake
religions and fake gods.
In came other isms, that keep expanding to now include the quite frankly ridiculous
statistic of 62 different genders, and we the people tolerate this type of labeling?
Those labels are only there to create discordant discourse amongst the people, all part
of the classic old system program of divide and conquer.
In came sexism, in came racism, if I disagree with the poor behaviors of a person of a
different color, why does that make me or anyone a racist?
If I disagree with poor behavior of the opposite gender, why does that make me or
anyone a sexist?
If I criticize religion and people disagree, does that make me a devil worshipper?
If I criticize and I have, peoples of all countries, cultures and colors, does that make me
anti human?
The answers are no.
If religion worked why is the planet in a mess? if the new age love and light program
worked, why is the planet in a mess? if the spirituality program worked, why is the
planet in a mess?
If labeling people worked, why is the planet in a mess?
If the world is filled with nice and lovely people, why is the planet in a mess?
It is in a mess because we the people allowed it to, it is in a mess because we the people
allowed them to divide and conquer us.
It is in a mess because we the people chose to compete with each other, not care and
share with each other.
It is in a mess because we chose to hate not love, it is in a mess because we the people
chose the lie and not the truth.
It is in a mess because we the people chose to go external and not internal; it is in a
mess because we the people chose servitude and not stood in our own sovereign based
It is in a mess because we the people chose to forget who and what we are, and
preferred being in a semi-permanent city of light pill or zombie like existence.
It is in a mess because we the people chose fear over love, it is in a mess because we the
people chose greed over need, it is in a mess because we the people chose limitation
and not opened up to all possibilities.
It is in a mess because we the people chose hierarchy not sovereignty for all, it is in a
mess because we the people chose machines, vaccines and poison-based technologies
over developing our own internal technology, which is self healing.
It is in a mess because we the people chose the seduction of the dark instead of working
towards the light, it is in a mess because we the people accepted illusion and not reality,
it is in a mess because we the people chose to compete not cooperate.
It is in a mess because we the people accepted rules and regulations, when neither are
required if everyone acted with personal responsibility.
Everyone dislikes laws, courts and police but they only exist because we as a collective
cannot behave responsibly or being nice or fair too each other.
It is in a mess because we the people forgot we are the power, the life force, the
technology and the Source spark all in one package.
It is in a mess because too many gorged on the lies, instead of the truth.
There is a reason for the saying, the truth will set you free.
But each and every one of us can change all of that, one step at a time, and it starts by
changing just yourself.
You will notice I didn’t just blame the cabal etc for the planet’s ills, Why? Because you
cannot seriously blame 100% of the problems on just 1% of the so-called people, it’s
So what are the solutions? well Kim and the Trust team came up with an general plan
for the Earth Restoration, and yet certain Councils seems to think we can do that with
no enforcement or tools to be able to carry that out.
The complaint is, that too few step up, and I get that to a degree, and yet they have
hardly encouraged it to be different have they?
The system put in place a bloodline family member with supposedly the Mitochondrial
Eve DNA, with no training or support, and yet some wondered how or why that hasn’t
currently worked?
She was never given a chance, and yes, she has not helped herself or humanity in her
current mode, and yet they left her to hang out to dry.
There are 489 issues, concerns, developments or redevelopments, infrastructure
projects and various others.
There is much work to be done to make this planet beautiful, something we can be
proud of, but we can’t do that without the people changing their ways, mind and heart
With that said and what is an unusual step for me personally, I have always played the
supporting role and behind the scenes for long enough now and developed myself
further than I could have imagined.
With the help of many people some of which I have referenced in a previous show,
including some who are no longer by my side.
But those people can return some day, as the door always stays open, just a case of
them accepting responsibility and being honest with themselves, and working towards
solutions for the betterment of most.
I will push myself forward for this role, a person not connected to any bloodline family,
secret society, religion, agency, who is not wealthy, materialistic or egotistic.
I am not famous nor do I seek fame, I do not have titles, badges or fake pieces of paper,
I did not come from a privileged background, just an ordinary man of the people from a
financially depressed city of my upbringing.
Who developed himself in the right manner, gained and garnered a plethora of
knowledge and solutions, that has brought people from all over the world together with
a common cause, to improve life for all here without the need of violence or division.
We have built the platform of people who think and act different, we have fine-tuned
our instruments, assembled an orchestra, and now await the stage with which to
perform to and for the world.
So I am asking now to give us the tools, the enforcement, full support and the
protection and we can guarantee we with an assembled team we can fix this planet
once and for all, immediate concerns within 5 years, a total revamp 40 years.
Parts of it will take longer as new ideas like teaching, mystery schools, innovative ways
of doing things better, can and will take time, as well as the cleaning out of the old
system swamp.
We are prepared to take that task on and assemble a team of new thinking people, with
new and common sense based ideas, that will change the whole dynamics of this planet
within the first year alone.
So to all the Councils, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Tall Blondes and Whites and the Urs and
various other off world entities said to be here or close to here to help us and save
humanity, now is the time for you to act.
We now we have the focal point and a person and a group with the drive to undertake a
monumental task to carry us all forward.
I and we are waiting.
We on this planet face a range of problems, no one is willing to provide long term
solutions into fixing once and for all.
We at THI and TPC endeavor to change that.
The first task on a global scale would require ensuring that everyone has the basics in
life, of clean food, clean water, energy, clothing and housing.
That has to be the priority, that is not to say the Westernized world has to wait, but we
should not be the priority in terms of actions, support or funding.
Many countries have little to nothing, be it food, shelter, roads, clean water or energy.
The solution to fix that is, use every large military plane or ships from all countries, and
transport to each country what they need with the desire to bring their countries up to
the living standards of the Western world within 2-5 years.
First off all countries must be made sovereign, that does not include old pacts or treaties
tying them to more powerful countries.
Those countries are not more powerful, they were created that way by money, for the
purpose of global domination.
Delete all treaties, pacts, trade deals, weapons deals, UN and NATO directives.
Delete all global memberships they did not serve any country well.
Remove all rogue elements from your soil.
Eliminate all loans done to all countries initiated by the old system.
Remove all politicians that were placed in there at the request of Agencies and the old
Get each country to analyze all commodities they import, and work towards selfsufficiency.
Do trades only with other countries for items each country needs, no clauses or
stipulations, just a straight buyer and seller deal.
No hoarding of commodities, all major commodities to be shared equally amongst all
Those that think they own the mines or lands, to be bought out and privatized for and
by the people.
All those who acquired those businesses, did so out of the Trust and also did so by
leveraging the asset.
That means the Trust owns all the assets, and so privatizing it should not come at a
great cost.
Remove the Fed as it is not a national bank, remove their subsidiaries also like J.P
Morgan, BOA, Wells Fargo they have been a blight on this country.
Replace with average everyday people to dictate policy as to how our money should be
Capitalism they call, no it is pure greed as we have witnessed with the medical fraud.
The very fact that investors can hold a Government and its people to ransom is, a
national disgrace and a serious oversight of the Government itself.
There is a solution to this, nationalize it and give to the average people to run, The
Peoples Bank of America.
That will not versed in greed based harvesting or creating their own mini empires, no
money laundering, derivatives, dodgy lending practices, mortgage scams etc.
No marketeers, bloodline families, shareholders or any of the old world failure
Delete Wall Street altogether another group of people impacting we the people, with
their market values superseding real value, speculations creating rising prices etc.
Not once have we seen any evidence they are interested in the people, only harvesting
vast sums of money from them.
Ensure swift release of the funds, so we can get the many different projects designed to
improve this country and rebuild its infrastructure.
Delete all parties, lobbyists and restore the Government with nonaffiliated former
groups of the old system, that only work for the people.
End the wasteful donations programs and fake speeches that mean nothing.
No lawyers, Military, Banking, Agency, Oil, Conglomerate or Large Corporation, Yale,
Harvard or Stanford candidates or Venture Capitalists people need apply, we need a
fresh change altogether as those groups all failed us in the past.
Restore the original Government, a new Constitution, a new American currency and
delete all policies of the past that worked against the people.
For example, The National Security Act, Patriot Act, the Non-Compete Act and many
Elections to be held in transparency and not based on how much money you have,
solely based on the ability of the person to do the job.
To be treated like any other job, not some superstar title.
Full review of all laws that are not beneficial for the people, scrap those deemed to be
not for our benefit.
Standardize all laws across all the States, whereby a driver’s license is only acquired
once, not renew in each state as currently.
Issue executive orders to re-assemble the military, police and national guard under
America dictates, can all be done under the Emergency War Powers Act, and instruct
them to go and arrest all the top end criminals in one sweep.
Delete them all and break up entirely the whole Jewish monopoly have over Radio,
television, cable, magazines and news prints.
Create new entrepreneurial companies out of the alt media, to start presenting truth
and interesting topics that teach people.
To be funded out of the assets of the Media companies themselves.
Employ them in the disclaimer program to be mentioned later, and community service.
These people have committed high treason on the people with the lies, agendas and
divisive scripts.
A full withdrawal of any connection to United Nations, NATO, IMF, WHO, CDC, World
Bank or any other organizations who are sieving money out of every country at the
behest of the old system of control.
Delete everything with the word Federal in it.
Shut down all the Agencies, and create new ones of just three departments, foreign,
domestic and cyber threats.
Shut down the Federal Reserve, The Crown and its IRS counterpart as they are foreign
imposters harvesting countries of funds.
Shut down the various US Treasury’s and restore the original Treasury before the
Federal Reserve took hold.
Shut down the IRS and restore the original Tax Revenue department.
Restore the Organic Constitution and make necessary amendments for this time.
Restore all governments, replacing the corporations like the USA Inc.
We don’t want or need any form of labeled government be it Republic, Democracy or
any other ism ideology.
We want a government that solely operates on the premise of, acting at all times for
and on behalf of we the people, nothing more and nothing less, the people are owed
that much at least.
A cease and desist of funneling taxpayer’s money into black budget accounts, find all the
accounts and return the money back to the relevant governments and subsequently the
people via tax breaks or direct refunds.
A cease and desist of funneling taxpayer’s money into fake aid programs, find all the
accounts and return the money back to the relevant governments and subsequently the
people via tax breaks or direct refunds.
A cease and desist to all drug and other trafficking implemented by Intelligence agencies
and others, locate the accounts, confiscate it and return to the relevant government to
go towards health care.
A cease and desist of all genetic, psycho-tronics, bio-warfare, mind control, cloning,
hybridization, abductions, chemtrails, vaccines, transhumanist agendas and all other
exotic forms of weaponry harmful to us and the planet.
Set up, a full on multi-disciplined assessment team including some members of the alt
media, to analyze all technology available as to whether it is beneficial to humanity or
not, if not it should be destroyed.
Set up, a full on multi-disciplined assessment team including some members of the alt
media, to analyze all underground bases for full disclosure on their intent and purposes,
and whether from a financial or ethical point of view these are cost effective for the
public or the planets benefit, and dealt with accordingly.
Set up a multi-disciplined team to liaise with all other countries threatened by these
rogue elements, provide support and logistics for them to complete their process
A steady release of the new technology that has been denied to the people, providing
that technology is deemed of benefit by the assessment team.
As for the military I would propose to scrap their whole budget in its current format and
start again.
Get rid of the Neohawks, the Zionist lobbyists, warmongerers and the harvesting agents,
like Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Bechtel, Haliburton, Rand and several other
Use the military budget to commandeer all ships, planes and other transport, to
transport food, water, clothing, housing and energy to the vast number of people
around the world, who don’t have that.
Rebuild the towns, cities and infrastructures smashed into oblivion by cowards dropping
bombs from high or from afar.
Employ all soldiers to be operating in peace not war, this will aid their rehabilitation
program which will be extensive, and also karma.
Recycle the vast array of weapons based hardware that sits in vast desert fields just
rotting away, and put the scrap to good use elsewhere.
Decommission and ultimately destroy all weapons of mass destruction particularly
nuclear, the thinking behind that was based on an off world program and the
destruction of us all.
Evaluate and assess all research centers whether it is beneficial to humanity and destroy
all that is not, in particular the bio warfare labs.
Replace them with research for human progression only.
Eliminate the UN entirely and create a new global group based on peace, human rights
and fairness for this planet.
Create a combined global military force with no country having domain or power over
the other, all countries must participate and create a planetary force that defends this
planet only from external or internal forces.
End all land based wars, this is our home, settle all the issues out with the ultimate goal
of removing the divide and conquer borders, so that people and the fake created
cultures are not defined by lines on a map.
Delete all contracts and funding to the alleged terrorist groups, all of which were paid
for by the people by the CIA and other agencies.
Dismantle all terrorist groups entirely and seek ways to fund them in more beneficial
Eliminate the stranglehold the military has on the Communications Act of 1934, it has
control of all forms of communications be it landlines, mobiles, cable, television, wires,
radio and internet, essentially anything along with frequency waves.
Eliminate the duplicity of several agencies linked to and with the military under National
security, espionage and safety, we are now aware that whole program is total fakery.
You were all spying on each other’s citizens to get around laws.
Employ plethora of people based private accountants, to go through all books and do a
full audit, which reports back to the President, Congress and the public.
Close down or repurpose the thousands of NGO groups spawned out the CIA, MIC and
Slowly release information of all so called new technology for later possible introduction
to the people, which will be open only to entrepreneurs, not government or military
Reveal all that has been built underground and for what purposes and by whom.
Assemble a military task force in league with other countries and go in and rout out all
drug runners, child harvesters, organ traffickers, adrenochrome traffickers, pedophile
operators and cults.
Make war a non-profitable business, impose heavy penalties on Military budgets for
every soldier lost in the theater, every soldier maimed and every soldier suffering
mental issues due to mind control and drugging them.
Make the Military budget responsible for health care and battle care also.
Finally scrap a number of American bases and turn them into healing centers to aid the
PTSD, maimed, MK Ultra’d, drug addled and poison injected soldiers, with the goal of
eventually returning them to their families.
These can be study centers also for soldiers to learn new skills for their return to society,
all of which comes out of your budget, we the people paying twice or more for these
military programs have had enough of that.
The above is what a real military looks like that protects and supports the people and
the planet.
The 4 branches of military can start a clean-up of the damaged areas created by troops
in our name.
The land clean up to be done by the Army, the sea clean up by the Navy, the air clean up
by the Air Force.
The Space Command group and NASA can clean up all rogue satellites, and develop
ways to clean up the upper atmosphere of all the space junk they have left.
A staged withdrawal of all troops in all war zones currently ongoing, and also a staged
removal of all troops and bases off foreign soil permanently, which brings us to our next
I did an intel piece on why American soldiers can’t all return home as it stands recently,
due to heavy drug and chemical abuse of them, plus the mind control aspect.
The Pentagon is aware of this, and so was Mr. Trump and possibly the reason he
retracted on the order to bring the troops home.
I have spoken to a few people regarding this now, and they are all saying the same
People they knew before they left for duty are all coming back not the same person, the
reason is in the name, they are soul diers, not soldiers, they have all died inside
figuratively speaking and in some cases for real.
This is a national and global disgrace and needs to be rectified quickly.
Solution? We have many military bases dotted all over America, some of which can be
decommissioned and repurposed into a hospital center for the returning troops.
Staff versed in all aspects of drug and chemical abuse, mind control abuse and PTSD
issues all done in a safe enclosed environment, until the soldiers are ready to return to
the public.
Some will say how can this implemented or who pays for it? it can be implemented by
the people demanding the return of their sons and daughters, they are not fighting for
freedoms, America or the worlds people, once we demand in sufficient numbers enough
is enough, it ends.
As for paying for it, there is an expensive thing called a Military budget, well over half of
it is wasted as it stands at $967B today.
Allocate 10% or more of the Military budget each year that can go towards saving our
own sons and daughters from the program called military service.
The hospitals would be cure centers, not drug induced psychosis, electric treatment etc.
But actual cure centers, based on holistic medicine and practices, a release of known
cures of which there are many, and people treating them with care and respect.
Soldiers to be placed in centers as close home as possible, open visiting times, possibly a
hotel to be built on the premises to house visitors staying, the costs of which will be
paid out of the Military budget, the more care, the more pay.
Training classes on as many trades as possible to be housed in the center, fitness center,
study material in fact everything the soldiers needs to get back on their feet and back
Careful assessment of each soldier of how they can be fully rehabilitated back into
Assessments based on their condition, their home situation, job prospects and funds
available to live.
We create jobs like engineering, computer learning and other professions that all get
rolled into military training, whereby they were the only viable group to offer that
training, so we need to start to create training sections outside of the military.
They deliberately cut off the training programs to the general public, so people were
forced into the only option of joining the military, and then subsequently pushed into
military service in some falsely created battlefield.
It is essential for America we learn all the trades again in house for self-sufficiency.
Every single major company that has contracted with the government, needs to be
broken up and thoroughly investigated for criminal practices including corporate
espionage and dealt with.
Start the whole process again with honest open bid contracts that involves new
entrepreneurs not connected to the previous companies, of which took advantage of
the 1976 Non-Compete Act.
Those found guilty of which they all are, need to have their gains confiscated and be
assessed and/or made to do several years work on minimum wages as a community
service, as payback for their crimes.
Here is the solution part of fixing some of this global crisis’s at hand.
First off all militaries will be paid what they are owed or due, providing they all walk
away from the Rothschild’s Clan, Dragon Groups, Secret Societies, The Black Sun and any
other groups not operating for and by the people.
Your role would be to look after the people within your own country, each country
would then be responsible for their own people.
The relevant militaries and armed forces to go after all the above mentioned and seize
their assets and operations.
We sell off all their ill-gotten gains most of which was looted out of The Trust, and those
proceeds would then go towards paying back the people within your own militaries,
mercenaries and other agents.
The remaining portion of the proceeds to go back to the Trust, you will be funded as
part of your budget, with no pay back to the Trust for these operations.
Aid other countries who request it.
The next stage would be what is known as the Families, again largely ill-gotten gains
based on favorable deals and contracts, deceiving of the people and the countries,
remove their ill-gotten gains also and disperse accordingly.
The idea that 10 so called bloodline or special families own 72% of America land alone is
not conducive to moving forward in a sharing based world, take it off them and give it
back to the people.
No one person, group or country owns anything on this planet, currently though it is all
owned by The Trust, but the Trustee is the guardian not the owner of The Trust, it can
be all shared out equally to everybody.
The idea that some group owns the oil, diamonds or gold or any other asset is the old
way, that failed us all including the chosen ones, special families and certain Dragon
groups, all assets on this planet belongs to every single person or being on or in it.
Yes companies can be compensated for mining say the diamonds, but that is all, they
should not own the said mines, that belongs to us all.
Once people globally understand that and deliver it, this world will become a much
better place for it.
No more wars fighting over land, countries, oil, diamonds, drugs or fake religious
ideologies, the military of the future should be a global based military with no one
country having any control, and whose future task is to defend this planet only.
Another solution for fake humanitarians in families like Rothschild’s, Rand, Rockefeller,
Carnegie, Proctor and Gamble and several others all talking humanitarian and fake
climate change, but where were they when their families and others looted everything
mainly with the support of the former Trustee?
Make them be involved in the planetary clean up, as it was they who did most of the
So if the planet is messed up because of your over harvesting be it in oil, fishing, tree
cutting, weaponry, chemicals, war etc all these families have made their fortunes of
raping and in part destroying the planet, you lot created the damage along with the
church, banks and royals, how about you all put your fortunes of ill-gotten gains
together, due to insider trading with the former trustee, and you fix the planet?
No arrests just sequester their assets and leave them with a reasonable amount for a
more basic living style.
Certain families should be removed from society altogether given the damage they have
Or move them to a remote island near Antarctica and let them live out their days there,
not New Zealand as they are planning.
They are away from society, potential vigilantes and other forms of abuse.
They would be totally cut off from the rest of the world, with no outside
communications except when requiring provisions.
If they don’t like that, the other alternative is Guantanamo.
As I mentioned as a solution many years ago now, which seems to be gathering
popularity, a military tribunal is the only way forward, many of those in the military have
already seen and or done similar horrors and so they better able to cope with it.
It must be transparent and a portion of the alt media to view the proceedings for
fairness and clarity.
Give those involved a formal hearing, outline what they have done, there is no point in
having a defense lawyer, as that is beyond defendable, even for lawyers.
No firing or death squads far too much blood has been spilt on this planet, it is of a
spiritual and esoteric value to not follow that path.
Many will want blood or hanging, and I get that, but why replicate their levels of
violence? and also have you considered that that is an easy way out for many of these
horror criminals?
So, what is the alternative solutions? Get all the pedophiles on national TV and for them
to read out the full list of their crimes, no redacted bits, no plea bargains can I not say
this that or the other, the full unredacted list of crimes on their own mind control box,
known as TV, this is called ironic justice part 1.
Ironic justice part 2 is they are housed underground in the bunkers they used to torture,
kill and sexually abuse the children in bunkers underneath Epstein island itself.
This will give them time to ponder their criminality in the very place many of them
excerpted their power over the children, maybe some of the children left on that island
still in spirit form will get some closure and justice for themselves.
This puts them all miles away from the general public, no outside contact, no visitors
and no perks with no chance of parole for the more evil characters.
Their only role is to correct as much of themselves before there time is up here, and
work off some karma so as to not infect future timelines with their dark desires and
I was asked what I would do about gang problems as we go forward, I came up with a
plan for drugs when working in social services back in Liverpool in the 1990’s, the issue
with drugs and people know my opinions against them and the reasons why.
I literally do not comprehend or understand the use of psychedelic drugs or narcotics, to
me it makes no sense whatsoever, and perhaps if people know the real truth on the
damage it does cause, maybe some would see it the same way as I.
But it is what it is and people have a free will choice, but the people who choose not to
participate, also have a free will choice to reject it as well.
So what do we do to solve the problems? and also keep people happy in a transition
period, by that, I mean from current environment to a new way of operating.
You can’t just eliminate a whole program that has made certain people in society a
whole heap of money and control, and not replace it with something that gives them a
way to continue their funding, but ultimately phase out the original concept.
Gangs are now generally owned by cabal agencies, mercenaries or families groups, with
them having been dealt with and removed, we still have a lot of gang members who will
see it as an opportunity to rule the roost and continue the violence and destruction
But what if the agencies handed over all the top end names, who are then collected and
given a choice, work to help people get off drugs or face X years in jail?
I would like to see all drugs legalized as it would solve a number of issues.
1. It eliminates agencies profiting off it for black budgets.
2. It deals with the gang and subsequent crime problem, it is proven to reduce crime
and would drastically reduce murders, and it frees up prisons.
3. People can get help and all done in a controlled environment.
4. It will improve people’s health and their understanding of it.
5. It increases taxes which can be used to fund more affordable health to all people.
6. It frees up time for the police which can be used to interact with their communities
again, it makes our communities much safer again.
7. It will be a source of income and boost to the poorer economies who grow or make
these drugs.
8. The military wouldn’t be using vast resources and risking people’s lives in Columbia,
Nicaragua, Cambodia or Afghanistan to name but a few, all those operations were
mainly to take control of drugs.
So how can this be done? Create a drug division in social services or hospital whereby
the drugs can only be sold there, which takes it off the streets and the gangland control.
The current pot shops to be given the resources to expand their shop to include a
support structure for the users.
The people who want drugs, go to the center with staff made up of people who have
sold and or taken drugs and wish to put back into society, where only 4 questions are
1. name 2 address and contact number 3. do you want help with your addiction, yes or
no and 4. if answer is no what item and how much do you require?
That’s it, no lectures or finger pointing, just a straight and easy transaction.
This now throws the responsibility onto the people who choose to purchase these
drugs, they are responsible for their own actions.
They exercised their free will choice and no one else is responsible but them, no rules,
no regulations, no incarcerations they have made their choice.
What this also does is, remove the rebelliousness that people have, which is almost
child like in many ways, when told to not do something, many go and do exactly what
they were told not to do.
With no stimulus of I’m going against the system and doing something illegal, a fair
amount of people will quit, because it is now legal.
This has been proven in Holland and also Venezuela, who have experienced drastically
reduce crime, deaths and drug abuse.
The person who implemented that in Venezuela worked with me when I proposed it
back in 1996.
Some of the funds generated would go into teaching programs, which creates more jobs
to really teach the public of not only the external dangers, but the far more damaging
internal dangers these drugs produce.
Too few people are aware of, like dark spirits and possession of the vessel, initiated by
the use of these drugs.
Similar in many ways as to the drugs, legalize it and use former pimps to run it and teach
them and the prostitutes’ better ways.
This has numerous benefits.
1. It makes the industry much more legitimate, cleaner and safer, and will reduce STD’s.
2. Gets troublemakers and stalkers off the streets.
3. Pimps get a proper job and so no loss of revenue.
4. Girls will be respected and looked after better, and drastically reduces the chances of
them receiving violent abuse.
5. It will end the abuse mental and physical endured by the workers.
6. Funds generated beyond the cost of the building, staff and treatments, would go into
teaching programs for the prostitutes and the pimps.
7. Or it could go into a wider health care program.
8. It clears the streets again and allows the police more time to deal with criminals
9. It generates more taxes.
10. No databases to be collected on the clients or workers, to stop future leveraging
The argument by some is, this is not an approved profession, and yet it is the old
profession in the world.
We all know it goes on, ignoring it is part of the problem.
If people choose to make a living that way, that is their free will choice.
Some people are forced into doing it, this system will reduce the underground nature of
it and bring things into the light, and not shady dark street corners of our towns and
This program was developed 4 years ago in response to several weather related
disasters in America, and little to nothing is or has been done about it.
FEMA has failed in their duty and is another greed based harvesting program, that ropes
in dodgy deals with CIA contractors and the CIA led Home Depot group.
Huge contracts of overpriced materials, which was then sent out to the disaster zones
and just abandoned, certain rogue elements within Agencies, then collected the
deliveries and sold them back to Home Depot at reduced cost.
This was repeated every disaster, this project will end that as everything will be
completely transparent.
We came up with a plan to have 6 supercenters all 100 miles from the coast, to be
overstocked in materials, products and machinery that will be required for all potential
All were positioned along the Southern states, and perhaps other centers can be created
in more Northern States as well.
The whole production of building the supercenters, overstocking of all potential
materials required, machinery and the logistics totaled a cost of $105B, all of which was
to come out of the Trust.
It would have created many jobs and the companies would be ran as cooperatives, an
equal share for all staff.
One of the biggest problems we all face is in the world of cyber, and the internet.
The Internet taking over our lives, endless adverts and seduction into disempowering
and harvesting us.
Let’s use the various Microsoft centers and Bill Gates and his Foundation, given all of his
knowledge was stolen from other companies.
Split the group up into smaller enterprises, and allow IT entrepreneurs to take over with
their innovations, not Palo Alto and the rogue CIA and NSA groups, they have done
enough damage.
Restructure all their companies into cooperative business ventures, under the guise of
either directly or indirectly with The Peoples club, be it into the Foundation or the use of
the cooperative business model directive.
Assets sold off or ill-gotten gains would again be used, to fund this enterprise and a
portion of funds will go back to The Trust.
This will ensure no average person within those companies will lose their jobs, but they
will be trained to operate in a different way than the past, of which all companies failed.
The ones that didn’t, only thrived by massive cheating and looting of The Trust monies
in the past, or the non-compete plan.
Delete all the former companies that ran the internet, Palo Alto, Go ogle, Microsoft,
Facebook, Twitter and the various other companies.
Build computers, phones and other devices that are not built with backdoors,
advertising and spying agencies and various other spying or profiling data devices.
Just clean and transparent devices for the benefit of the people, with an option to have
all adverts removed.
Secure emails, ISP’s, free from hacking, spying and other rogue methods used against
the people.
End all censorship, remove all child pornography, remove all illicit selling practices like
drugs, bio-weapons, adrenochrome, children’s blood and all deemed not useful or
proper for and by the people.
Delete all profiling, datamining, 2 step verifications, password sites and make it illegal
for any data to be sold.
A clean Antivirus to be built into each machine.
An end to all subscription programs for Microsoft products, or PDF subscriptions,
advanced email subscriptions.
All products and systems to work on each device.
Create a team that focus totally against hackers and other cheats, work with the Cyber
Agency, Military, Government and other agencies to standardize all aspects of
All the new companies all coming together making the best 3 products, high, medium
and low priced to accommodate all budgets.
All to be sold in a standard format, so that all accessories can be used on all items.
This cuts out the need for advertising, which is a blight on us all, that ultimately leads to
higher priced goods.
In fact all products should be sold this way, from computers to tools to tv sets.
Privatize all energy companies remove CEO’s if corrupt, give portion of their ill-gotten
gains back into a fund to revamp it.
Oil, Water, Electricity, Gas, Solar and Wind to be cooperatively owned by the people
Those running the said companies called owners or CEO’s to be replaced with guardians
of the companies, with the sole task of providing the best and cost effective services for
and by the people.
Food to be regulated by the people also, encouraged like the Russians to have home
produced gardens, 60% of Russia’s produce comes from self-sufficiency of growing done
by their own people.
All minerals and mining to be privatized also, an end to the same people owning
everything, sequester their funds and place into the Peoples Club for projects for and by
the people.
All profits to be set at a maximum of between 5-15%, the surplus goes to the workers or
the TPC to aid others in developing their companies and ideas.
A share of all global mining to be given to the TPC for future projects.
All resources belong to the people, and so the people are entitled to their share.
By giving it to the Peoples organization we are then able to share it out better, free from
Government or bank interference.
Making excessive profit on the basics needs in life must end, if we are to progress as a
All oil must be shared equally and trade deals between countries to be scrapped, and
the deals for oil to be a standalone straight transaction.
No more inserted coercive polices to be placed on trade deals.
The desire to reduce the need for oil can be achieved by a phased withdrawal, with a
maxim set at 50 years for an almost total withdrawal of the use of oil.
The desire to move over to electric cars or similar, can only be achieved with a massive
infrastructure outlay.
The sale of an electric car replacing an oil car, should be made with the provision, for all
the traded in oil cars, to be shipped to countries who have little or no cars.
This will reduce the oil use within the more modern countries and boost the poorer
countries in the mean time.
This will lead to an increase of oil in certain countries as well, and so the incomes of the
oil industry can at least be sustained.
Take oil away from market value, and price it according to its actual value plus a small
amount of profit.
This will aid the people in reduced fuel costs, the economy as there will be more money,
and the increased in poorer countries use of oil, will offset the costs and reductions to
the oil companies.
The cars can be shipped using tankers and even military support.
The cars would be bought by the Trust and shipped to their destination, and so no cost
to the poorer countries.
The oil industry would get increased money flow, knowing within 50 years their business
will end.
This then gives them all time to get back their investment or create funds to provide
them with decent pensions.
Should the oil companies not agree, get the Military to sequester all oil companies and
privatize it in the name of the people, with the people and Government oversight.
These people have raped us all badly over the last 100 or so years, so they either play
ball or lose their businesses.
Oil belongs to us all, not just a few wealthy based families whose enrichment came from
the Trust itself.
All lawyers are operating illegally under the BAR system, all their laws are based on
corruption and distortion of the truth.
Why is law so complexed? So, the average person and indeed lawyer cannot understand
Their laws are based on declaring the people a corporate entity with a fictious name.
The solution? The Vedic ṛtá law and its Avestan equivalent aṣǎ both derive from Rus
Vedic texts which means truth, which in turn means properly joined, right or true.
The derivative noun ṛta is defined as fixed or settled order, rule, divine law or truth.
It is translated as universal law or cosmic order, or simply as truth.
In our terms, the golden rule do unto others as you would have done to yourself.
There is only 4 laws in essence, though shall not steal, harm, injure or murder, it cannot
get any simpler.
How to deal with the future Covid fallout will be a problem in the near future one
If all the myriad of doctors and researchers are correct, major issues will arise.
But here are some solutions.
No lawsuits for adults, they made their own free will choice, and so they have to take
their own responsibility for it.
The only lawsuits should be against people whose children have been harmed, no
excessive payouts, because the children suffered due to their own parents stupidity.
No fining the Pharma companies either, that never works, does anyone ever see decent
payouts of those mass lawsuits, other than the shekel based lawyer people? NO!
Here is the solution for all pharma companies.
An independent assessment done by some of the doctors who went against the medical
system at the beginning of this scam, plus some common sense people with some
pharma background.
A list of all drugs and side effects, and if any is found to have too many side effects or
excessive side effects, those drugs to be automatically banned, no appeals.
All drugs found safe or safe enough, to have a maximum profit margin of 10% across the
This then will substantially reduce the costs to the public, and will lower Insurance
premiums or the plan just presented, and so many people will get immediate and
ongoing pay outs directly from that.
All pharmaceutical records to be made public, all shareholders to be made public, no
Break up their companies and turn them into cooperative businesses.
No CEO’s, middle management or brokers, no ownership, only guardianship to be
shared amongst all staff.
All research drugs to be assessed to be of benefit for the people.
All bio warfare drugs, poisons or negative vaccines to be destroyed.
The fall out for this will rumble on for years, the best thing to do is, remove all senior
roles in Government, in particular Biden and Pelosi, ban Trump from office, fire all
leading Medical professionals who advocated or pushed these jabs.
Delete the CDC and other departments all together.
Delete the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and give all funds over to the Restoration
plan, which the TPC is designated for.
Fire the Military top brass for their involvement, set up a world people thinking group
and force all the Governments to create a unilateral ban of all bio warfare research,
testing and use.
Fire the CEO’s of all hospitals or clinics involved in this.
Ban Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Go oogle, Microsoft and all other platforms associated
with promoting this and banning people telling the truth.
Fire and or ban every news media personality promoting or advocating this, the Editor
of all newspapers.
Fire and or ban every school board promoting this.
Restore every person who was blocked from working to their jobs, and pay back what
they are owed, from the salaries and bank accounts of all of the above mentioned.
Restore every business that went bankrupt due to lockdowns, and pay for it via salaries
and bank accounts of the above mentioned.
Temporary close down all medical research centers including the Military and Agencies.
Set up a disciplinary committee with medical people and people out of the alt media, to
investigate all research centers, hand over all the materials of what is being done in
these centers to another committee to evaluate whether this research is beneficial or
All paid for out of the salaries and bank accounts of the above people down to $1M.
Some people think $1M is too much, not with their lavish lifestyles it is not, that will
vanish in a month for some of them.
Repurpose several US Military bases for holding centers, to evaluate all the above
mentioned, assess prison time, rehabilitation via teaching, both to and from, and
whether they should be used for community purposes on a low wage.
That plan with some adjustments and input from other adult based and future thinking
people, would go a long way to correcting this mess.
It will also remove psychopaths, greed based people as well, and remove numerous
agendas being used against we the people.
Health costs in America are beyond the range of madness, and beyond the price bracket
for many Americans.
This is not befitting of an advanced country, never mind a civilization.
Cost ranges from $6-900 a month I have heard, which is $7200 to $10800 per year and
how many times does that get used?
The cost of American health treatment is almost as bad as the death rate of medical
malpractice, which remain the third leading cause of death in America.
In the UK they have a 12% wage deduction that pays for your national health care,
unemployment benefit and state pension.
Some Americans think this is a big deduction to take from their wages, yet curiously
don’t complain of the illegal practice of charging you tax on your wages.
With the bill that we put forward and signed off by two members of Congress, it would
eliminate payroll taxes forever, this then allows this health solution to thrive better.
Some Americans think UK health is free, no, the ones who work pay 12% or thereabouts
to cover those costs.
Some Americans think that is excessive but is it? Social Security is 6.2%, Medicare 1.45%
so 7.65%, so another 4.35% on the UK rate and you get free health care.
On $50K a year at 12% that cost would be $6000 which is less than the $7200 to $10800,
paying for private health care.
That doesn’t take into account the cost of paying deductibles, on top of that.
This then ends the health disaster in this country of people tolerating illness and injury,
because of the frightening costs of obtaining basic health care.
Quite frankly it is barbaric, and far from civilized.
We should also have imposed a ceiling of 10% maximum profit on any medical item, and
reduce CEO salaries and perks to below $150K.
Health should not be a profit maker, it is criminal in this country the profits made on
people being sick, and people losing their wealth and homes for medical bills.
There has to be a better and fairer solution to the snake oil salesmen and middle
management involved in and around our health industries.
This will aid and rebuild the Social Security funds also, after certain elements looted it
for other programs.
This will cut out the greedy and barbaric Insurance companies, whose costs for basic
services is frankly obscene.
One members father went to hospital for half a day and his bill was $42K, how is that
Now he didn’t have to pay that as his portion was under $1000, but $42K for ½ a day
Modern agriculture is not a system for producing food but a system for producing
If we grew all our food in the city, our food would be 95% cheaper.
A city like New York loses 13% of its food just in transport and distribution.
Before the industrial revolution, most people lived and worked on the farm.
But with the industrial revolution came the machines, and the machines moved to the
farms and the people moved to the cities to work in factories to make more machines!
Encourage farmers to grow again, delete the USDA and end the Government
interference, and delete all national laws banning the producing of your own food.
Sequester land owned by the few in America, most of which was obtained by illicit
means, and give portions of it over to garden centers to grow our own food.
Russia receives 60%+ of its produce from people growing food in their own yards or
America needs to become food self-sufficient, and needs to get back to a healthy food
produce, and away from the plastic packaging, over food processing, added chemicals
and dangerous pesticides delivered by anti-human companies like Monsanto.
There are spiritual aspects to growing your own food, grounding with the planet, getting
hands dirty improves your immune system, you have a greater attachment to nature,
but the bonus is if grown right, your food will actually taste better, why because you
nurtured it.
Growing your own food means less money spent on weekly or monthly groceries, which
means you will require less labor efforts to earn money, but the biggest key is you have
more control of the self and your life.
Watching the weather wars going on globally and a series of flooding events on the
Middle and Eastern sides of this country, whilst the western side remains largely in
drought like conditions and some extreme droughts, I came up with an idea and
It amazes me how long flooding remains in place in certain regions, and the solution, is
you have a fleet of trucks with large tanks and pumps that would suck up the excess
water, and enable flooded regions to start the recovery quicker.
The trucks then can dump the excess water into vast tanks to be transported and
dumped into the Colorado river system that feeds several western states who are
suffering droughts much needed water.
There are two solutions for this, either the fleet of trucks drive there to deposit the
water, or we build pipelines across the country to transport the excess water to the
Colorado River or other rivers in the region to replenish it.
The argument by the system is, it would be too costly, but everything that is beneficial
to the public appears to be too costly to them, despite the money being spent belongs
to the people.
If doing something of value is too expensive and so not valid, then perhaps we need a
close look at government costs, military costs and agency costs as well, oil pipeline cost
as they are not valid or fit for purpose as it stands.
Create a network system of water pipes that will provide a steady stream of water to all
peoples across the country.
It also adds to the energy stream as well, as some rivers also provides electric power in
some regions.
Build a back-up system of Desalination plants on all coasts, converting ocean water into
fresh water.
With the water companies operating on a small profit only, with privatization the costs
to do this is much more affordable.
This will end the water restrictions and drought issues once and for all.
The taxes issue is a problem we all face and suffer the consequences of, and again I am
not here to abolish the system entirely, but to make it fairer where all contribute in a
fair and transparent manner.
The American tax system that was given to us by the Crown organization, that created
the non-American central bank the Federal Reserve, it also brought us the collection
arm of the Federal Reserve called the IRS.
The IRS is not American either, but a Crown based entity that is not even housed
America, but Puerto Rico as a Trust company.
The number of taxes, called Federal taxes imposed by those organizations has reached
ridiculous proportions and hampers the lifestyles of many.
Taxes of various kinds on every bill we receive and pay, taxes for every license they have
created to generate more income, of which little goes to the American government.
Sales taxes in America alone range from 0 to 7.25% or higher in Puerto Rico of 11.5%,
then we have the county or local taxes, the Federal taxes all added onto it.
Then we come to the income tax, which is actually illegal under the original
Constitution, why? because your labor earnings are not capital gains is why.
They get around that fact, because it is actually not a tax, but a tribute to The Crown
Corporation housed in the City of London.
The treasonous American government back in 1933 operating for and by the Federal
Reserve Crown based board, added on income tax, they said was a temporary measure
to pay back the debts for a war World War 1.
But this income tax like all others is not fair, as the majority of the taxes are paid by the
working and those who delude themselves thinking they are middle class, middle class
status is based almost entirely on credit card and loan debts.
The lower classes of which has increased exponentially, upper middle class, upper class,
wealthy elites and their corporations all pay next to zero.
The income tax by and large does not go to the American government either, by and
large it goes out of the back door to Rothschild’s based accounts.
The average general sales tax is 23.5%, selective sales taxes 10.9%, Property taxes
30.1%, Licenses and other fees 8.2%, corporate income tax 4.2%, Individual income tax
It now takes the average American who is working and earning up to April and into May
in some cases now, each year just to pay off the taxes alone.
We came up with a flat tax scheme that would be around 10%, another proposal would
be as much as 23%, all of which would go to the American Government.
23% may seem high, but remember all the other taxes would be eliminated, including
income tax.
That way the more you spend the more you pay tax, and it ends the rich elites game of
not contributing to the overall tax funds.
That way the conglomerate companies and large box stores who rarely pay taxes, will
now have to pay their fair share.
Restore the original Treasury and the original Tax Revenue Service.
I came up with a draft mortgage plan and here is a rough idea of how I have formulated
it, although with the right formulas and financial programs, it can be modified
accordingly based on defined percentages calculated.
So we will start with an averaged priced home in most regions for this example.
A home for $350K with 10% down, leaves you with a mortgage of $315K, after paying
for a period of 8 years the principal balance is now around $270K, and your payment
with an interest rate of 4.5% is $1598 per month.
But you are struggling to make the payments and your home is underwater and is now
only worth $250-260K, which is the market value and not true value.
You are now in danger of foreclosure which is costly and often prevents you owning a
home again for a while, pushing you into a rental market with over inflated prices, like
the average in New York mentioned recently of $3620 a month as an example.
But the true cost of your home is around $150-175K the build cost of it plus inflation,
not the $250K or the $350K you paid for it, as that is a falsely created market value, and
this is where the Trust funds can come in.
A refinance of the home from the $270K owed on the mortgage down to $175K, and a
new loan of 30 years with an interest rate of 2% renders your mortgage payment now at
$645 a month.
The Trust pays of the remaining balance to the banks, or an agreed portion anywhere
from 0-100%, with a deal that pays 2-10% admin fees back to the Trust for instance.
This then has a number of benefits.
1. It floats the banks.
2. This then lowers the mortgage payments and keeps people in their homes.
3. This begins the reduction of house prices so all can afford one and end the
mobile/trailer home living scandal.
Mobile homes where for mini vacations, not permanent living, they are death traps.
4. Some homes can be used to house the homeless.
5. It keeps people out of the courts and the legal fees that comes with foreclosure.
6. It increases in the inflow of taxes on homes as more homes are populated and
affordable, which helps the counties or state finances.
7. With more people paying property taxes due to affordable homes and 100’s of
thousands of homes not sitting empty, this should reduce everyone’s property taxes.
8. It improves people’s credit, and it improves peoples stress levels and lifestyles.
9. This will ensure the proposed TPC villages does not have an adverse effect on the
local market prices.
This would have an adverse effect on the housing markets in the near term, so to
counter that and prevent misuse of this new program, here are some stipulations that
should apply to these new financed homes.
1. The price of that newly financed home remains permanently at $175k plus inflation
added on each year or goes down if inflation rates are lower, and in line with increased
home building costs.
2. The home becomes a designated Trust named home to determine the new home as a
separate entity, and now not rated anymore at market value.
3. The mortgage loanee must stay with the Trust loan for the duration of the mortgage,
that way the Trust gets back their investment on reducing the costs of your homes.
4. The lowering of the mortgage from $270K to $175K should not be classed as a taxable
income item, the payments were fraud to begin with, and if the IRS wishes to gain from
it, they should seek out those taxes from the lender, given they were paid for the loan
up front anyway.
5. Given the savings cost of going from $1598 down to $645 per month, and people
have more money in their pockets, perhaps a savings scheme of say $100 per month
with the bank the mortgage was financed with, becomes part of the package.
Which stays in the account until that savings account reaches the level of the deposit
you paid down on the home, which in this case was $35K, which leaves you a nest egg at
the end of the mortgage, which is then something extra to leave to children or
This can be used as something towards your retirement, which is again not to be taxed.
6. This then encourages savings again which is lacking badly within the western world.
7. The flow of money is increased amongst the people and not all harvested by the
8. People would have more money to spend which aids all of the economy and creates
more jobs, many of which were lost due to this fake pandemic.
9. It ends the marketing program plans of boom and bust, that would envelope
everybody should their system carry on as currently.
I said in June 2019 the millionaire people would be harvested and run down, they have
as evidenced in recent shows, no one is safe in their homes anymore financially.
This would make a massive change to this country on all levels, and everyone gains from
it, the banks, the Trust and the people.
It puts an end to the home based class status and runaway borrowing costs of keeping
up with the Jones’s.
A home is something to live in and protect you from the elements, intruders and
critters, it should not ever be a class based item, it is a basic requirement for living.
The Trust can be used for other housing program needs, to acquire land for new towns
and TPC villages to spring up.
There is vast quantities of open land available in America to build upon, and end this
practice of condensing people into over populated cities or towns, and also move
people away from coastal areas that are consistently plagued and ruined by storms.
That way we can demolish vast quantities of high rise buildings, derelict sub divisions
and return them to nature and make all our cities and towns better and less resembling
concrete jungles.
Here is a solution for you all to take on board, seen as too few want to address or create
real solutions.
This is a new common sense solution for the government and all other leading officials,
that ends the blackmail issues, ends the retribution cycle and if developed and
administered correctly, can send us onto a more adult way of thinking and path.
Anna Von Reitz mentioned about the treasonous acts by several leading officials, and
several will potentially be hanged.
The masses will demand blood and or incarceration, which is understandable with our
current thinking mode mindset.
But, what happens if they are arrested? What next? Ridiculous lawyer fees, endless
debates, hate and anger groups, vigilantes and an estimated $90K a year to house them
in prisons.
But what if there was an alternative? A move away from the mass finger pointing and
blame game?
A move away from endless hours of drivel spat out by the MSM on these topics.
A move away from the illegal BAR system based lawyers, who would all rub their hands
with glee with cases like this, collect vast quantities of funds on the cases, of which we
the American public have to pay for.
One of the major obstacles to correcting thing is, people being frightened to speak up
and out.
We can continue with the lies and cover ups, which eventually make their way to the
fore, or make a radical adult based decision.
Everyone has done wrong things, everyone has been lied to, fooled, duped, threatened,
tortured, mind controlled, and what is left is, a broken planet.
We can carry on the child level antics of blaming everyone else, or come together and
formulate a real plan for the greater good of all.
My plan is for a platform to be created for full disclosure of all crimes, for a full
disclaimer, unless those crimes involves harming children.
It is a planetary wide blank slate, and a real reset in our image, not the dark forces
The background to this is several pronged:
1. Our government is over bloated and it is too expensive, $14.5B a day is scandalous
2. Many jobs need to go, most in high level government positions have done criminal
3. All are blackmailing each other to keep criminal acts under wraps.
4. Prisons are over bloated, adding many more to prisons creates more costs for the tax
5. Drastically reducing government jobs in one go will in part crash the economy, it can
be done in a phased in and phased out operation.
6. Red tape rules adds more costs to the taxpayer, standardize everything in
Government databases, from cars, licenses, taxes of all varieties, laws, rules and
regulations standardized across all States.
7. Things need addressing in a better way for karma reduction, a pay back to society of
which they failed in their duty.
So how can this all be achieved with one solution?
If the many officials are guilty then what are the solutions? they go to jail?
But part 4 states that is not cost effective and where to put them is another issue.
The first thing to do is create and sign an Executive Order allowing for all Government,
Military, Agencies and subsidiary groups connected to it, a full disclaimer for full
disclosure, unless nefariously involved with children.
Call it the Truth, Honor and Integrity Act, because those three traits are what will be
required to move forward.
This will allow many to come forward and speak up, and will end the blackmailing
culture and fear that pervades the corridors of power.
Many want to speak up but live in fear of being exposed for their own shenanigans or
role in it.
Many of these people did not start out as the bad guys, but the whole culture and set up
of this group is designed to trap all who participate in it, in any way possible.
The purpose of which is, so they can have leverage over you, and you then have to do
their bidding and dirty work for them, or face being outed or in some cases murdered
along with your family.
The Kennedy family a prime example of this, although none of them are or were clean
either, in fact the whole family are the Black Sun members.
So how do we fix it?
Create committees based on the criminal acts undertaken and place corrupt officials in
that committee.
What is the purpose of the committee?
The corrupt officials will have a safe environment to reveal all the others who were
involved in the criminality.
Disclose who gave them the orders? who they worked with? who was involved on a
wider scale? which countries and or Governments where involved? what contracts were
made or signed? who did the deals and who gained the most?
What banks were involved if money was part of it? reveal all the bank accounts,
confiscate them all and close them down.
Sequestered funds to be returned to the country or countries it came from, assets
stolen also.
An Espionage committee, government contracts committee, foreign contracts
committee and the list goes on, each person removed or volunteered would join the
relevant committee, and out all those they were involved in and with.
Create a database to house all the revealed information, which will be eventually made
available for the most part to the public.
The database will create jobs for those being moved out of their former positions, who
haven’t been involved in criminality, or who haven’t come forward as an accomplice yet,
jobs for analysts, researchers, investigators and general office positions.
This will then provide detailed analysis, for analysts and researchers to pour over and be
used to bring in other people involved over time.
The lower ranked Military, State Guards or Militia can do the removals, with full backing,
law and support to do so.
The committees would end when the whole network is exposed, and some who did
expose it can be employed after the investigations are completed, in roles to prevent it
ever happening again.
So they are now employed to spook on the spooks, that is called poetic justice.
This will eventually expose the whole network of criminals and criminal acts, and would
clean up all of our government departments, that are rampant with corruption, fraud,
dodgy contracts and in some cases terrorist leanings.
They would not go to jail, which will be a relief to them and end some of the fear, but
they would be working for the people to investigate and out all others in the network.
If they hide something and or fail to fully reveal things, then the jail threat of doing that
should be sufficient warning to them.
A true whistleblower protection act should be implemented and enforced, so no
infiltration, harassment or threats can be received by the whistleblowers.
Build dedicated new servers and computers to undertake this work, that don’t have any
back doors to the Agencies or outside threats.
Those computers can be a side project to eventually replace all computers, laptops,
Ipads and phones without the back doors in them for spying, profiling, advertisements
or mind control techniques.
The whistleblowers would be employed by the Government in these roles, they would
have their salaries cut to a maximum of $75K per year, their pensions will be drastically
reduced and not the government salary for life.
In fact the government salary for life deal needs to be removed from the table once and
for all, all have gained more than enough during their work time, not taking into account
the kickbacks and brown envelopes they have received, to not require or warrant those
expensive pensions, all paid for by the American people.
The savings from that can go back into the public funds, which will mean less taxes.
Should they be earning $75K a year or more from other ventures, the committee salary
would be reduced accordingly.
If found their other income is due to criminality, take it off them and put it into an
American fund to improve life here, preferably the Peoples Club as it is our idea and we
already have the structure and ideas to take things forward.
Their crimes are against the American people and the American people should gain the
benefits, not the lawyers or the much maligned Justice departments.
This then drops them down the so called class scale, no more expensive homes, cars,
boats etc and more in line with the American people, which then has the effect to
reduce the gap between the have and the have nots.
One hour of their time is equal to one hour of everyone else time, so why the disparity
in earnings?
It is not right and creates poverty and poor living conditions for too many.
Some will say you can’t expect us to live on a $75K salary, I will say you can if you quit
the self-entitlement and greed based game.
Sell your assets and down size like everyone else.
Other solutions will put more money in your pockets any way, and so the $75K will be
deemed a not so bad earnings overall.
$75K a year is a gold mine to the vast majority of American families, and it all comes
down to perspective and reality, socialist lifestyles create mass poverty, think and act
It will end the fear and blackmail game currently that is holding the old control system
together, garner a more transparent and fairer way of operating.
It will end the repugnant secrecy games that are rampant throughout the corridors of
It will end the Rothschild’s and Black Sun groups, it will end the Dragon groups, it will
end the lobbyists and terrorist based lobbyists that in part are responsible for the fear
and blackmailing games, like AIPAC.
The savings for the American public would be enormous, plus criminal monies can be
added to an American peoples fund, taxes would be slashed, staged reduction of
government workers from the current 23.8M, it does not require near 24M people to
run the Government, that is a sheer waste of public funds.
It would save on prison costs for these high profile people, in fact the salary maximum
of $75K a year, is less than the cost to house them in prison for most cases, so this is
another saving.
Is it not better they are employed to clean up their own swamp and doing something
productive, instead of rotting away in prisons at great cost to the people?
This method also reduces the karmic gaining retribution culture, it also allows for these
people to work on themselves and in some way clear their own karma, this then
benefits us all.
I am calling on the good people in the Government, Military, CIA, FBI, NSA and DHS to
stand up and expose those criminals in your midst publicly,silence equals deaths.
I am calling on the good people in the Police to step up and expose those in your midst,
silence equals deaths.
I am calling on the good people in the Military and Pentagon to step up and expose
those in your midst, silence equals deaths.
I am calling on the good people in the Masons to step up and expose those in your
midst, silence equals deaths.
I am calling on the good people in Universities to expose the agency based clowns in
your midst, silence equals deaths.
I am calling on people in hospitals, drug manufacturers, research centers to stand up and
speak out now, silence equals deaths.
Yes silence does equal deaths, and it is your duty and obligation to stand up and speak
I put myself at risk, the same as many other alt media show hosts to reveal this
criminality each day, so I am not asking you to do anything I haven’t done.
You all owe it to your family, your friends, your colleagues and your country to remove
their fear programs and speak up.
To make America great again, you have to be great, not a fear based mute, we cannot
allow our fears to overcome us and must fight this evil head on, we must route them out
and make them accountable to the people.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for we
the people are with you and we will comfort thee.
So, there is a brief outline how we wish to see the world correct the ills of the past, and
not one word was mentioned over violence or retribution, it doesn’t require violence to
carry the above out, just a will and rta law and some executive orders.
It is an adult way of addressing a multiple of complex situations all created by the old
world structure.
Our task is not to fix the old world, but build a new one in our image, a better image.
The funding for all of this will come from the Trust, which houses vast quantities of
funds for this very project.
But, this requires us to think better of how best to use the funds in a frugal way, that
benefits the all.
No more ego based mini empires, every one of them fell for a reason, it was not
operating for and by the people as it should do.
Is it a mammoth undertaking to do, yes, but with the support of all people it can and will
be achieved.
The argument may be that employing ordinary people into more powerful positions will
not work or be a disaster, that is limitation and lazy based thinking.
Everyone is capable of so much more with the right belief, support and application.
That is the excuse the control system used to not have us involved, and left them with a
free reign to abuse the system and us for their own gain.
That cannot be allowed to happen in the future.
There will be teething issues initially, but I can assure you it can’t and won’t get any
worse than it has been ran.
It is all about the power and the massive responsibility going back to the people.
Which is where it should be, but we handed over the responsibility to them, with
disastrous consequences for us all.
This world is an abomination and we all have to take collective responsibility for that.
Don’t like the way the current government operate? Can you help and support develop
a new one?
Don’t like how schools are run? Let’s develop a new one.
Don’t like cost of homes and how they are built? Let’s develop a new one.
Don’t like how justice system works, Let’s develop a new one.
Don’t like how the health system works? Let’s develop a new one.
Not revolution which is the hamster wheel, but evolution which is progression.
This plan does include everyone, including what some call the Elites, Deep States, cabal,
the 1% or the Illuminati, or whatever you wish to call them.
An opportunity for us all to come together and work stuff out in an adult way.
You know what? none of their world makes any sense whatsoever, even the clowns,
bloodlines and psychopaths can’t make sense of it anymore.
Why? because all of them were lied to as well, they are just too weak and mired in their
own illusions, to accept it.
Look at their ineptness of delivering a plan, they have no plan except creating chaos, for
them to create their order.
Except they won’t create their order, there is no order of the organizational kind or the
peaceful operational kind, none of it.
Their repeated loops of ouroborus programs, as one fails they introduce another that
completely fails the first, and then another and another into infinity, and the gist of it all
is, none of them are working.
The problem with a problem is, until you accept you or it is a problem, there are no
solutions available to fix the problem.
If you are not the solution or solution oriented, you are not just part of the problem, at
this juncture in time, you are the problem.
Everything in their world now has broken down and nothing works anymore, you wish
to know why? because it doesn’t exist.
Since 2012 and moreso since 2015 there is a power struggle by a few of the lower
minions of the former control structure that was decimated around 2015.
It then created a void, which allowed others to initiate their takeover and that is what is
What the people miss is, the void is for we the people also, an opportunity for us to
takeover and run it in a better, fairer and inclusive way for us all.
This show has revealed the first steps for the full Restoration of Earth, and a larger
project following this will be tasked to the members of expanding it out on a much
wider scale.
We will then be tasked with providing a full and more detailed blueprint, which will be
delivered to the relevant establishments to enact and enforce, on behalf of and the will
of, the people.
A new blueprint for Humanity will then emerge, with everyone contributing in a
cathartic way of fixing our own mess.
Build it, support it and get the backing of the alt media and then the people, and they
have no option but to implement these measures, they will have to come to the table.
The plan can’t get any simpler, just a case of people coming together cooperatively,
using simple plans and ideas, with a will to improve everyone’s lives in a better way.
Will it require much effort? Absolutely, but each doing their little bit moves the projects
along quicker and more smoothly.
It requires the all to adapt to the change, embrace the change and not fear it.
It will change the whole frequency of the planet, and get people to learn to come
together as one.
The old world failed, let it go it only served the lower vibrational people, our task to
build a higher vibrational world filled with personal responsibility, joy, contentment,
pride, togetherness, happiness and love.
It can’t get any simpler or better than that.
I never came here to play the game, I came here to change it, and I’m asking you all to
join me on what will be the greatest undertaking and task by the people, this planet has
ever seen.

THI Show