The Peoples Club


The Peoples Club (TPC) is a philanthropic organization who provides teaching and counseling of a “service-to-others” path for humanity to individuals, groups and families. The Peoples Club is becoming the voice of the people and support for the people-a vehicle that is all for one and one for all. We endeavor to improve quality of life in all aspects-to a balanced and fair society, based on need not greed, caring and sharing and being cooperative not comparative or competitive.

We have formed solution-oriented groups where everyone’s voice is equally weighted-one man or woman, one vote. Until all voices are heard there can be no true solutions. Nothing to date has truly served the we the people, because WE the people did not have one voice, one group or one vision-we were all divided. Focusing on what unites us all seems such a simple concept, yet it is a truly revolutionary idea which can and will restore the balance on this planet.

With your support, we can ensure all Americans have access to the 5 basics in life; food, water, shelter, clothing and energy, and provide financial support to those that require it. Come be a part of his-tory and her-story in the making.

Our story is going to be EPIC.

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