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The Truth, Honor & Integrity show host Thomas Williams has no affiliations and is one of the last remaining independent researchers whose visionary work has changed many lives for the better through his weekly shows.

With 6 years of shows under our belt, THI-show has become a hard-hitting, dot-connecting database for the sincere seeker of truth. Home to over 300, 3-hour episodes of exposes, intel pieces, op-eds, true history (Our story) of human origins, disclosures, bombshells and whistleblowing that reveals the dark agendas on our planet, one is hard pressed to find a more thorough source of information across all spectrums (and dimensions). But that’s not all…the shows provide forward-thinking, common-sense solutions to the issues we all face:  for the people, by the people to empower us all to create a better world in our image. We know that’s a bold statement. It’s all in the name-Truth, Honor & Integrity.

2022-05-03 – FHSTOS Plus 16 – Rites are wrong

Summary This will be one of those shows that can bring up a range of emotions, rage being the obvious in some pieces, and deep triggers in others. It shows more of the dot connections and who is involved, and many familiar names and groups will appear to our regular...

2022-04-19 – FHSTOS Plus 15 – Cosmic Genetics – Part 4

Summary This is Part 4 of our Cosmic Genetics series, that has revealed much deeper knowledge, insight and understanding as we journeyed through the first three parts. Much of it on the surface corresponded with our understanding from an overview perspective, but...

2022-04-12 – FHSTOS Plus 14 – Cosmic Genetics – Part 3

Summary This is part 3 of the Cosmic Genetic shows and whilst in the first and second parts we went back in time, this adds a whole new layer to it. As we go back in time to the dawn of life itself in this Universe and bring you all up to the current time, and indeed...

2022-03-08 – FHSTOS Plus 13 – Cosmic Genetics – Part 2

Summary Who’s got my back now, well clearly it is the not gods, the lord or the Pleiadians, the answer to that question is, us. Welcome to the second part of this mini series detailing Earth history and the various visitations we have received, not in peace, but...

2022-03-01 – FHSTOS Plus 12 – Cosmic Genetics – Part 1

Summary We will find out who made who and what this life is for and so much more, in this show and the follow up. This will be a mind blowing, extremely detailed show that charts the path of what we call the white race, plus the many other races that have inhabited...

2022-02-15 – FHSTOS Plus 11 – Fake gods Ashtaroth & Covid

Summary This is a very interesting piece, by a website called and I have expanded that piece out into something much larger which will lead us into a very big show further down the line.  The piece is in my opinion, has some of which is skewed by...

2021-11-09 – FHSTOS Plus 10 – Technology Madness

Summary In Expose 10 we made mentioned of the Red Cube AI technology and here is some more potential interesting background into that. I only came across this piece in early September, that aligns with my own knowledge base, plus bits I have learned from others in the...

2021-10-26 – FHSTOS Plus 9 – It’s a small world

Summary Silence is like a cancer that grows, well enough of the silence, it’s time to shout from the rooftops.  Tonight’s show is like a spin off from the last Must listen to show FRWL Plus 8 Fiction is fact, and as part of the whole package I will be referencing two...

2021-10-19 – FHSTOS Plus 8 – Fiction is fact

Summary Recently we covered a whole section of movies and shows, that revealed much about the NWO plans.  Tonight’s show will have a familiar theme, and also can be seen as a spin off from things mentioned in the Expose 10 show.  It delves into how far back they plan,...

2021-04-13 – FHSTOS Plus 7 – Light v Dark

Summary Tonight’s show will highlight further in our quest for full truth on this planet, and we have focused on this group more than others, because they are more of the problem, then any other particular group here. This is a war of the light versus the dark, of...