2024-06-18 – FHSTOS – Plus 25 – The Vedas Part 5

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This is part 5 of this fascinating series called the Vedas, six with the story of the Aryans that kicked off this series, with focus on the Rus, Slavs and Aryan peoples of the past. Their ways, morals, principles and look at life from a very simplistic and holistic point of view, that has sadly been lost by today’s people. They had a yearning to learn and had plenty of teachers, called elders back then, to pass down the knowledge and the wisdom. Their ways and means needs to be badly re-introduced and taught to our people’s today, as our current models are all failing.

Hosted by Thomas Williams, June 18, 2024

1 Z-CARS with sirens 00:00
2 Status Quo – Is There A Better Way 00:00
3 Creed – Can You Take Me Higher 00:00
4 Thomas Bergersen – Children Of The Sun 00:00
5 Styx – Come Sail Away 00:00
6 Yes – Wonderous Stories 00:00
7 Bon Jovi – Keep The Faith 00:00
8 Andrea Bocelli & Ellie Goulding – Return To Love 00:00
9 ABBA – Ode To Freedom 00:00
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