2018-03-01 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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*Well the Jesuits and their worship of the serpents race reared its ugly head since the last show, apart from a private group in Asia demanding all the US Military hardware which is still being dealt with, the jesuits still think they own our military, so a suggestion has gone into the team to tally up the military budget each year allocated by the government that the Jesuits think they own, well if they own …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, March 01, 2018

1 Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead or Alive 00:00:22
2 The Voice NEW 2014 Amazing Audition – Stick it up your ass! 00:05:19
3 Ill See You Again Lyrics Westlife 00:45:06
4 Joe Cocker – With a little help from my friends 00:50:15
5 Bon Jovi – Have a nice day (lyrics) 01:18:05
6 Tom Petty – I Wont Back Down 01:44:18
7 Metallica – Nothing else matter 02:51:45
THI Show