2018-04-05 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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*As announced last week in reference to the Citibank group, that is being broken up and parcelled back to the former USSR countries including the assets stolen from them, given its size it will take a little while longer for that to come to fruition. *Wells Fargo it is expected it will take 60-90 days to complete that process of transfer to a nationalized bank *The wall is underway and is under heavy guard and …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, April 05, 2018

1 Queen_-_Hammer_To_Fall_Lyrics[Mp3Converter.net] 00:00:15
2 The Voice NEW 2014 Amazing Audition – Stick it up your ass! 00:04:34
3 Styx-Mr_Roboto_Lyrics[Mp3Converter.net] 00:49:31
4 Lana_Del_Rey_-_Get_Free[Mp3Converter.net] 00:54:58
5 Highly Suspect – My Name Is Human Audio Only 01:39:40
6 White Lion – When The Children Cry 01:43:50
7 Billy_Joel_-_Only_The_Good_Die_Young_HD[Mp3Converter.net] 02:39:36
8 Puscifer – The Humbling River with Lyrics 03:18:41
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