2018-09-13 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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a small recap of last week, due to indiscretions, corruption and meddling with American people and its acting government, MWHT has the owner of the Federal Reserve revoked their license to hold, trade or transact in US dollars, this essentially ends the FED. Some people were sceptical and concerned about their accounts, pensions, IRAs, 401ks and social security payments, rest assured none of them can be touched or interfered with, The Trust pays your social …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, September 13, 2018

1 Jackhammer Sound Effect 00:00:27
2 Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (HD version) 00:00:37
3 The Voice NEW 2014 Amazing Audition – Stick it up your ass! 00:05:29
4 White Lion – When The Children Cry 00:47:07
5 Inner circle – bad boys lyrics (cops theme song) 00:51:21
6 Talking Heads – Burning Down the House (Official Video) 01:21:15
7 Elvis Presley – My Way (with lyrics) 01:48:59
8 Metallica – Hero Of The Day 02:22:02
THI Show