2018-12-13 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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I played a song a few months back called the tide is turning, and it has, the increase in the public actively participating in global demonstrations against the corrupt system is now beginning to go viral, once that happens it pulls in more of the fence sitters, pulls in more into the alt media circle, which will expose more people with the potential to pass onto the others, of the crimes and corruption played on …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, December 13, 2018

1 La Marseillaise, French National Anthem (FrEn) 00:00:16
2 Home and Dry EVERTON FC (Here We Go b-side) 00:06:39
3 Scorpions – The Zoo W Lyrics 01:28:47
4 RAIGN – Who Are You (Official Lyric Video) 01:33:53
5 The Hollies – He Aint Heavy Hes My Brother 02:13:36
6 Ozzy_osbourne_CrazyTrain_Lyrics[Mp3Converter.net] 02:44:05
THI Show