2019-02-07 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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Theme for this week will be contradictions, actual thinking not just the headline, deep ponderings, thought processes of yourself and those around you, leader or follower, I or we, are you helping or hindering, are you empowering or disempowering? The ability to think on what you say or what you write has to be taken up a notch, for greater understanding and clarity. As the stench of desperation floats thickly through the air, one must …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, February 07, 2019

1 The Truth will set you Free – Dion DiMucci 00:00:13
2 Moby We Are All Made of Stars – Official video 00:05:42
3 Stuck In The Middle With You – Stealers Wheel (64 kbps) (Mp3Converter.net) 00:52:22
4 Bon Jovi – Have a nice day (lyrics) 00:55:44
5 Tom Petty – I Won;t Back Down 01:25:47
6 Tears For Fears – Sowing The Seeds Of Love (Official Video) 02:08:34
7 Shinedown-_How_Did_You_Love_-_Lyrics[Mp3Converter.net] 02:53:32
THI Show