2019-02-28 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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*Triple Canopy, Academi, etc Goons, were abandoned without the last month’s pay in Iraq! *Things are all not too well with Mr. Trump currently, either by coercion or not, I cannot and will not ignore what is in front of us currently, it can all change of course, but I have always said I will call it as it is. Rumors that have circulated on the internet said the following: “Thousands of fictitious sealed indictments. …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, February 28, 2019

1 Aerosmith – Living on the Edge 00:00:12
2 The Voice NEW 2014 Amazing Audition – Stick it up your ass! 00:04:09
3 Guns N Roses – Estranged 01:07:20
4 time keeps on slipping in to the future 01:39:16
5 England Dan & John Ford Coley…Love is the Answer 02:13:14
6 Soul_II_Soul_-_Back_To_Life[Mp3Converter.net] 02:40:59
7 Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is [Official Music Video] 03:02:57
THI Show