2019-04-11 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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3 MINUTES SPEECH I played that as a reminder, not to denigrate America, but to use it as a platform to build something better, to be the country we want it to be, not what we thought it was, where we are not judged of how great the country is because of our military might or sport or some other banal subject, but how we built the people up into a role model to follow …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, April 11, 2019

1 Jack Nicholson – You cant handle the truth 00:00:16
2 Yall ready for this – (Space Jam Theme) 00:00:25
3 Ace of Cups – Feel Good 00:01:46
4 The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History 00:54:27
5 Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight 01:08:51
6 House of Fun Lyrics 01:31:55
7 david bowie – changes 02:07:25
8 Daryl Hall & John Oates – Private Eyes 02:47:37
9 Bon Jovi – We Weren;t Born To Follow 03:12:48
THI Show