2019-05-09 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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we are creating documents for standardization across all THI groups, also creating a database of all the groups, which will be viewable and update on the website and also a how to create a mewe or thi page for your state and or country all of which will be available on the thinkdifferent.the peoplesclub.org website Ask all to bear with us as we complete this task, and again reiterate to all, only state groups or …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, May 09, 2019

1 Yall ready for this – (Space Jam Theme) 00:00:15
2 Greg Johnson Save Yourself 00:02:35
3 Agnetha Fältskog -We Move As One 00:29:12
4 Rainbow – Stargazer 01:04:08
5 Metallica – Hero Of The Day 01:29:08
6 Abba – Money, Money, Money 02:06:17
7 Highly Suspect – My Name Is Human Audio Only 02:36:13
8 United We Stand – Brotherhood of Man 03:03:27
THI Show