2019-07-19 – From His Story to Our Story – Part 6


This is Part 6 of our series and was not originally part of my series, but the information contained is prevalent in today’s world, I felt I had to release the information now, and we all get a greater understanding of world issues and also what happened to Russia. Repeated looting of it’s treasures, vaults, industries and people, all done by the same hidden hand peoples that live amongst us today, weaving it’s web of sacrifice and harvesting, that spread like a cancer all over this planet. What was Part 6 will now become Part 7, this is a much shorter part than most of the previous 5, but no less intriguing, impactful and dare I say it in some parts fairly explosive in terms of knowledge, it will not disappoint you. 




Hosted by Thomas Williams, July 19, 2019

1 National Anthem of the Russian Federation (2000)


TRAG Gloginje
3 ?????? ?????, Singer Mlada ?????? ??? 56:34
4 Rasputin Boney M. 167:21
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