2019-08-22 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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We will be covering some old ground tonight, chunks of intel and yes more issues to do with the state and country groups. There is a lot going in and out of our group currently which will get covered tonight. Welcome to the only show that is accountable, as evidence by my willingness to go on a No holds barred show first with Alan and then with Randy, and also Richard Hoaglands show but apparently …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, August 22, 2019

1 Pink Floyd Comfortably numb 00:00:13
2 Status Quo Is There a Better Way 00:38:10
3 Within Temptation Stand My Ground 01:25:30
4 Collective Soul Listen (Official Video) 01:56:24
5 Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Nothing Else Matters 02:00:36
6 Journey Dont Stop Believing 02:24:53
7 Greg Johnson Save yourself 02:42:26
8 DESIDERATA You Are A Child Of The Universe original version 02:53:18
THI Show