2019-10-17 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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I warned several times in several shows, people would go “ugly” its happening everywhere not just in or around thi or the alt media circles, we are in the phase of chaos and madness, and important we hold onto our own dignity and sanity, let them thrash about and just observe. A week where Pelosis face is not the only portion of her vessel going into meltdown, her brain also, an iconic symbol of America …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, October 17, 2019

1 Glenn Frey The Heat Is On 00:00:18
2 3.what, what 00:13:15
3 Inner Circle Bad Boys 00:20:03
4 Let Em In PaulMcCartney.com Track of the Week 01:03:55
5 Home and Dry EVERTON FC (Here We Go b side) 01:09:01
6 Pink What about us 01:34:39
7 Think Differently Motivational Video 02:04:11
8 Highly Suspect My Name Is Human Audio Only 02:54:18
THI Show