2019-10-29 – From His Story to Our Story – Part 8B


Tonight we bring you From Russia with Love part 8B it encompasses 8A and leads us to a new and greater understanding of what we face and faced, their corridors of power with the closed doors to learning, our now opening to more and more people each day, take the right hand path and away from the temptations of the dark, let us not walk in the shadow of death, but integrate our shadows into the light. In many ways this series is ground breaking and this particular show is a World Inclusive, not exclusive, the shadow of the dark will be no more cast on humanity, providing we do the work and the right things.




Hosted by Thomas Williams, October 29, 2019

1 Whitesnake Walking In The Shadows Of The Blues Live Donnington 1983 01:11
2 Black Hole Sun 10:29
3 Imagine Dragons Whatever It Takes 72:14
4 Black Sabbath – War Pigs 100:28
5 Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast 156:24
6 House Of The Rising Sun 183:12
7 Scorpions – Wind of Change 195:45
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