2019-10-31 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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We wont be fooled again, tonight will reveal so much more so we wont be fooled again, ignorance then is a choice. The night where the dark call in the demons and using children to do so with clever marketing ploys, will become our night to stamp them out and return to sender. Where will we go with this show after the last two, how can you can compete with those two? many will say …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, October 31, 2019

1 The Who – Wont Get Fooled Again 00:00:16
2 You Aint Seen Nothing Yet 00:10:28
3 Calm Down 00:15:27
4 AC/DC – Shot Down in Flames 00:53:15
5 Starship Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now (Official Music Video) 00:59:16
6 The Beatles We Can Work it Out 01:39:59
7 Alice Cooper Poison (Official Video) 02:07:02
8 Omkara Remember 02:31:37
9 Kari Jobe We Are (Lyrics) 02:45:49
THI Show