2019-12-12 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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A show within a show I would describe this week as, more music to allow you to process in between, as the news section gets thinner, as the MSM reveal more of our story and our show, it leads to an expanded sub intel section, validations and confirmations are smattered throughout this show, big boy and girl pants will be essential, popcorn optional, attention imperative. A week where Democrat deep state led politicians wheeled out …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, December 12, 2019

1 Youll Never Walk Alone (From Carousel 1956) 00:00:55
2 Bon Jovi – Keep the Faith 00:02:47
3 Creed – Whats This Life For 00:58:48
4 Black Sabbath – War Pigs 01:11:22
5 The Who – Wont Get Fooled Again 01:34:17
6 Lamb Wise Enough 01:47:17
7 Inner Circle Bad Boys 02:22:38
8 Love In An Elevator 02:50:57
9 Think Differently Motivational Video 03:02:23
THI Show