2020-02-01 – THI Special – You are not 1 and 0’s, you are the light – Part 1

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Where do we start with this show, I struggled until yesterday to come up with a name for it , a plethora of topics, that circle around and then tie back in, new ponderings, new info and all connected in with dots. This in some parts will be a rollercoaster of emotions and will be triggering on a very deep level, churning up memories and traumas of the past, to heal in the now, reactions will be tested and because of that we are going to something new for our show.




Hosted by Thomas Williams, Feburary 01, 2020

1 10 Seconds Countdown Timer With Voice And GO! 00:00
2 Chevaliers – de Sangreal 04:08
3 Peter Gabriel – Games Without Frontiers 49:34
4 Tasmin Archer – Sleeping Satellite 80:44
5 Collective – Soul Shine 141:47
6 Creed – What’s This Life For 180:59
7 INXS – Disappear Scroll Lyrics 22 205:03
8 Creed – Can You Take Me Higher 215:31
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