2020-02-06 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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I am preparing a sequel show to the last show on Saturday, you are not 1s and 0s you are the light, which adds to my workload but it is what it is, so look forward to that coming out, not as intense as Part 1 but still goes deep into many things including some new fields. Tonights show covers a lot of our current ills of people not thinking before speaking or writing, people …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, February 06, 2020

1 Guns N Roses Welcome to the Jungle Lyrics.mp4 00:00:13
2 Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll 00:04:37
3 Zach Williams Fear Is a Liar (Official Lyric Video) 00:32:19
4 Matt Redmond Let my people go 01:22:10
5 James Arthur The Truth (Lyrics) 01:50:08
6 Nickelback Hammer is coming down 02:14:28
7 Poison Stand 02:39:04
8 Ella Henderson Glow 03:01:25
THI Show