2020-04-23 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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Donations into the TPC broke the previous months record for the 6th consecutive month, I want to thank you all for doing that, it gives us all hope for the future. Part 2 of the TPC video is now posted on our website thepeoplesclub.org for viewing, there was a slight interference with graphics and an updated version complete with missing graphics will be up shortly. I have spent this week preparing for a two part …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, April 23, 2020

1 30 Days In The Hole 00:00:12
2 Status Quo Ring of Change.wmv 00:04:05
3 Bon Jovi We Werent Born To Follow 01:11:36
4 Our Time Will Come Adona 01:54:24
5 Matt Redmond Let my people go 02:21:46
6 Bad Company Shooting Star (Official Audio) 02:47:13
THI Show