2020-05-21 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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Welcome to the most talked about show on the internet, many hate it including clowns and many love it, but one thing is they cant ignore it and our memberships, subscriptions and donations just keep on rising and pleasing to see more and more getting on board with our vision for our future. I want to thank from my heart The Peoples Club, the Directors and Thomas Williams for helping my friend (and THI-Nevada member) …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, May 21, 2020

1 Sirens Zcars 00:00:13
2 MadnessHouse of Fun 00:01:40
3 Rhiannon Giddens Im On My Way (Official Video) 00:40:52
4 ACDC Who Made Who 01:26:15
5 People help the people 01:53:55
6 Kids Cover 46 and 2 by Tool OKeefe Music Foundation (64 kbps) (Mp3Converter.net) 02:29:40
7 Shinedown How Did You Love (Official Video) 02:50:50
THI Show