2020-07-02 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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The outcome of this fake lockdown has determined the paths of many, altered the thinking of many and altered the focus of many. Some used it for positive purposes and many used it to re-enforce their desire for the old slavery system, mired in a nanny state mindset and for it to continue. As we go into a new phase it is important we re-assess where we stand in the process. What could I do …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, July 02, 2020

1 Whitesnake Sailing Ships 00:00:16
2 John Lennon Imagine Lyrics 00:09:30
3 Queen Hammer to Fall 01:10:56
4 Matt Redmond Let my people go 01:28:52
5 Ebony and Ivory Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder (lyrics) 01:54:19
6 BELIEVE (The Song!) Official Lyric Video 02:06:05
THI Show