2020-07-05 – EXPOSE – PART 2

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Tonight is part 2 of our THI Expose series and reveals more of the hidden elements of the programs, players and rogue elements involved in the current skullduggery permeating around the world. All of which is designed to put the people in fear, keep the people divided, throw them off balance and activate the bot elements of our society, who are hell bent on keeping the slavery and old control based system in place, due to their hive mind propensity to hail all authority. We will find out the methods they use to initiate that later in the show, and reveal the demonic plans of psychopaths, with zero clue to what they are doing or espousing, and even less of a clue what they are actually achieving or the fall out should the event unfold.




Hosted by Thomas Williams, July 5, 2020

1 The Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony 00:15
2 Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell 08:59
3 Poison – Something To Believe In 46:19
4 audio_only 1 105:41
5 Styx – Grand Illusion 106:37
6 Creed – Faceless Man 148:49
7 We Do What We’re Told 180:00
8 Think Differently Motivational Video 188:43
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