2020-08-18 – FHSTOS Plus 2 – All Lives Matter

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This is another of our exposes and is a wider aspect of the From Russia with Love 4 show. It goes much deeper into a certain topic covered within that show, and reveals more of the players involved, the depths of which they will stoop to and levels of evil they all too frivolously used.  Some will say why focus on evil and that is a valid question, but these topics have to be covered to avoid the future generations being corrupted with this type of thinking and practices. For too long topics like this has remained largely hidden, although covered in some alt media circles it is often lost in the plethora of bs, or their figures down graded, and so does not come to a wider audience or attention.




Hosted by Thomas Williams, August 18, 2020

1 10 Seconds Countdown Timer With Voice And GO! 00:02
2 Disturbed – The Sound of Silence 01:05
3 Creed – What’s This Life For 08:49
4 Ruelle Secrets and Lies 52:37
5 Black Sabbath – War Pigs 82:00
6 Aerosmith – Living On The Edge 135:29
7 Duran Duran – Ordinary World 171:19
8 Ella Henderson Glow 183:31
9 It’s all inside of you 197:43
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