2020-09-10 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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The land of confusion as unsanity reaches unprecedented levels, the two worlds now glaring for all to see, this is the show that clears all the fog of confusion and brings more clarity to life and matters globally. As California now appears to be more orange than Trump, some would say California was DEW, but which due/dew. As yet again politicians in America blocked funding to the people today, at which point does that become …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, September 10, 2020

1 10 Seconds Countdown Timer With Voice And GO! 00:00:02
2 Disturbed Land Of Confusion [Official Music Video] 00:00:56
3 Dionne Warwick Thats What Friends Are For 00:13:40
4 Thunder – Empty City 01:10:06
5 Andra Day Rise Up (HD) 02:18:14
6 Highly Suspect My Name Is Human Audio Only 02:49:44
7 Doris Day Que Sera, Sera [lyrics] 03:07:09
THI Show