2020-11-02 – EXPOSE – Part 4

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This is an important letter and has been verified and is of such importance to us all, that I felt compelled to do a short show outlining it. This is a major shift that I have been asking for, from the front line of the old control system for many a year now. The police are but mere puppets in the old system, used as a physical barricade to the public, to the next layer of puppets known as politicians. Neither carry any authority or power, and rendered as such as the fall guys in any given situation. The People will blame Trump, Boris Johnson and many other leaders, but none of your so called leaders have any authority to do anything, all are ran by intelligence agencies and think tank groups, who really don’t have all of humanities interest at heart.




Hosted by Thomas Williams, November 2, 2020

1 10 Seconds Countdown Timer With Voice And GO! 00:01
2 Buffalo Springfield For What It’s Worth 00:59
3 Andra Day Rise Up (HD) 08:31
4 Men at Work Down Under 40:21
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