2020-11-12 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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I have detected a lot of members feeling down, depressed, dispirited and disenfranchised the past week or so, and this was expected in many ways, that caused another member who has been financially supported recently by the TPC to just walk away from the group. That is the 5th person this year who have been helped by the TPC or by me privately that walked from our group, some of them more high profile than …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, November 12, 2020

1 10 Seconds Countdown Timer With Voice And GO! 00:00:01
2 Bon Jovi – Have a Nice Day 00:00:53
3 Time For Love Jeannie Willets 00:14:45
4 Bucks Fizz New Beginning (1986) 00:44:35
5 Dio Dream On 01:34:15
6 Manic Street Preachers If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next 02:23:19
7 Hans Zimmer – Time 02:48:32
8 Connie Talbot Never Give Up on Us (Lyrics) 02:57:15
THI Show