2020-12-03 – THI Show – Truth, Honor & Integrity Show

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As one group promises vaccine alternatives to be stated by Trump this week, Trump in spectacular fashion ignores that group and twitters about ModeRNA, the RNA/DNA genetic altering vaccine. Trump has consigned Americans to a vaccine that has barely been tested, produced adverse results already and not conducive or safe for public use. If you allow the government to break the law because of an emergency, they will always create an emergency to break the …




Hosted by Thomas Williams, December 03, 2020

1 10 Seconds Countdown Timer With Voice And GO! 00:00:01
2 Puscifer The Humbling River with Lyrics 00:00:54
3 Joan Baez We Shall Overcome 00:14:41
4 Little River Band Cool Change 00:58:47
5 Madonna Live To Tell lyrics 01:40:59
6 Edwin Starr War 02:09:04
7 ACDC Who Made Who 02:28:20
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