2021-03-19 – EXPOSE – PART 7 -The Shadowy Underworld


This is a very detailed and comprehensive study and expose, that goes deep behind the lines of public information awareness, and into the very bowels of intelligence based reports. A harrowing expose on so many levels, that involves all the familiar names covered extensively in From Russia with Love, but also in this Expose series as well.  That has focused mainly on the Covid crisis, one that has been deliberately engineered in my opinion, for the purpose of change, for the benefit of the elite psychopaths.




Hosted by Thomas Williams, March 19, 2021

1 10 Seconds Countdown Timer With Voice And GO! 00:01
2 E. L. P. Fanfare for the common man. 01:09
3 Requiem For A Dream Full Song HD 14:01
4 Twisted Sister – We’re not gonna take it 57:52
5 Thunder – Low Life in High Places 98:44
6 Stealers – Wheel Stuck in the Middle with you 121:08
7 Ruelle – Secrets and Lies 160:26
8 Glory, Glory Hallelujah 180:46
9 Highly Suspect – My Name Is Human 200:40
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