2021-03-23 – EXPOSE – PART 8 – The Eugenics War


Tonight’s show we go into another topic that divides the narrative, too few will discuss it and it is often overlooked.  It is only spoken about in negative terms due to the racial profiling elements of the Hebrew Annunaki, and their statement of only they are the important ones, as they are the chosen people. Which turns out to be an out and out lie based on our shows From Russia with Love Plus 4 and 5. 




Hosted by Thomas Williams, March 23, 2021

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2 Creed – What’s This Life For 01:03
3 AC/DC – Who Made Who 07:50
4 Pink – What about us 58:13
5 Matt Redmond Let my people go 98:57
6 Frankie The Power Of Love 131:33
7 Dio – The Last in Line 161:33
8 Disney Epcot Illuminations song We Go On 187:28
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