2021-06-22 – EXPOSE – PART 9 – Hello my name is Human


There is much to be proud of in our world as an observer, even whilst their world collapses, which it has to do, but we always have to be aware of the cornered snake, and this show reveals that. For many years now I have warned of the dangers of technology, a science in my opinion deliberately not understood by the many, whilst the few take advantage of our lack of knowledge of it’s implications, applications or it’s wide ranging scope of what it can do. All, and I repeat all aspects of our lives are dissected into bites of data, we are spied on all day and night via more pronounced and visual concepts, but far more is hidden in a range of gadgets that would alarm the people, if the full scope of it was revealed.




Hosted by Thomas Williams, June 22, 2021

1 10 Seconds Countdown Timer With Voice And GO! 00:01
2 Europe – The Final Countdown 01:24
3 Creed – Who’s Got My Back Now 10:49
4 Sieg_Heil 72:41
5 Manic Street Preachers If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next 96:19
6 Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Nothing Else Matters 144:44
7 Queen – We Will Rock You 177:29
8 Highly Suspect – My Name Is Human 192:41
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