2022-02-08 – THI Special – The Peoples Law

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This is an extra show that focuses entirely on law, but what is law? have we defined it? or did it define us? This show will be beneficial if you connect with the truth, and let go of the lie and the fiction.  It will be a very useful strategy for those who follow Law, legal, common or natural Law. Some people have labeled me anti common law, and yet negate the fact we despite having had very few guests on our THI shows, probably the most prominent is a common law group called National Liberty Alliance. We will endeavor to going deeper on what is and what is not law in this show, and people are free to make their own choices as to which path is best. Too many get involved in legalese, which means babble and so not understandable in anyone’s terms, and anyone who has visited a court will hear the judges and lawyers spouting the most ridiculous babble ever and acting like they know law, when clearly they don’t.




Hosted by Thomas Williams, Feburary 8, 2022

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2 Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth 01:15
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5 Boston – Peace of Mind 54:33
6 David Coverdale – Only My Soul 86:34
7 Thomas Bergersen – Children of the Sun 126:01
8 Pokemon – It’s all inside of you 144:53
9 Greg Johnson – Save yourself 169:05
10 Fleetwood Mac – The Chain 179:12
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