2022-03-08 – FHSTOS Plus 13 – Cosmic Genetics – Part 2

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Who’s got my back now, well clearly it is the not gods, the lord or the Pleiadians, the answer to that question is, us. Welcome to the second part of this mini series detailing Earth history and the various visitations we have received, not in peace, but largely interferences and wars. Everything was faded into the mist, the past was erased, the erasure forgotten and the lie became the truth said by George Orwell. That kind of sums up Part one of this series. Sun Tzu said, all war is based on deception, again that fits Part one.




Hosted by Thomas Williams, March 3, 2022

1 10 Seconds Countdown Timer With Voice And GO! 00:00
2 Close Encounters of the Third Kind 01:29
3 Creed – Who’s Got My Back Now 01:40
4 Whitesnake – Judgement Day 14:10
5 Queen – Who wants to live forever 55:13
6 Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast 88:15
7 Pink Floyd – Welcome to the Machine 129:40
8 Rainbow Catch The Rainbow 161:36
9 Pokemon It’s all inside of you 185:12
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