2023-11-23 – THI Show – The Blueprint Show Episode 10

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Today we start and finish with a heart song. Welcome to the heart-based show, why does the heart go on the song asks, because the heart will always eventually repair itself and move on, it is the fake love in the head where the real damage occurs. The heart love brings forgiveness and a better future, head love bring bitter, twisted and angry departures and keeps you stuck in the past.




Hosted by Thomas Williams, November 23, 2023

1 10 Seconds Countdown Timer With Voice And GO! 00:00
2 Celine Dion – My Heart will go on (Titanic Soundtrack) 00:00
3 Haddaway – What Is Love 00:00
4 Amason – I Want To Know What Love Is 00:00
5 Scorpions – Follow Your Heart 00:00


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