2024-04-11 – THI Show – The Blueprint Show Episode 19

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What about us it says, indeed. Well this show is all about us, the work of us, the solutions of us, the development of us and the collaboration of us. We started off as a collection of islands all cut off from the main land, the promised land as such.




Hosted by Thomas Williams, April 11, 2024

1 10 Seconds Countdown Timer With Voice And GO! 00:00
2 Within Temptation ft. Tarja – Paradise (What About Us?) 00:00
3 Diana Ross – Reach Out And Touch (Somebody’s Hand) 00:00
4 Luminous The Symphony Of Us – The Beating Of Our Hearts 00:00
5 Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now 00:00
6 Scorpions – Follow Your Heart 00:00
THI Show