2024-07-04 – THI Show – The Blueprint Show Episode 25

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The Agenda: This week’s agenda followed a more loose and less structured flow, it gave the teams a chance to just converse on a more intimate level and chat about their own journey on navigating through these unchartered times. We often forget that behind each team is someone’s personal life and personal challenges, we are all learning that being mindful of each other during this time of great change is as equally important as planting the blueprint seeds.

Hosted by Thomas Williams, July 4, 2024

1 10 Seconds Countdown Timer With Voice And GO! 00:00
2 Mumford & Sons – Guiding Light 00:00
3 THI member Darlene Hobbs – Seeds Of Immortality 00:00
4 Scorpions – Follow Your heart 00:00
5 Simple Minds – Ghostdancing 00:00
6 Your World Within – Think Differently (Inspirational Piece) 00:00


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