From His Story to Our Story, Vol. 3 (ebook download)


Conspiracy theorist is the term applied to anyone who tells the truth the power players of this world don’t want the public to know, not least of which is the identity of those power players.

This segment of the From His Story to Our Story series by Thomas Williams wraps up the evidence that our history has been fabricated, our world and our species has been controlled, and how and why. It also exposes devastating effects on us all that must be reversed if Humanity is to survive, much less thrive.

Lastly, Volume 3 proposes a way out of this mess. Are you willing to make the effort?


His Story―as found in books, movies, educational programs, and even ancient scriptures―has shaped our lives for millennia on this planet, and without our recognition of that fact, for the most part.

In correcting to Our Story, this series of books has told a tale of wars and destruction, of refugees and mass migrations, of genetic manipulations on an astounding scale with often disastrous results, and a pattern of divide and conquer and victimization programs as well as infiltration by beings both human and alien, on world, off world, and in world.

Some scoff at the notion that anyone would implement a plan that would take generations to accomplish, much less millennia. Yet that is precisely what has occurred.

Of course, such a project also requires a large number of willing participants to do the leg work and the dirty work―another objection the doubters raise. But minions are easy to come by, especially if promised substantial rewards, and most are merely cogs completely unaware of the function of the big machine into which they fit.

Of greater importance, the plan needs the compliance of a majority of people to let it happen. And let it happen we the people of this planet have done, whether out of ignorance or fear or minute-minded selfishness.

From His Story to Our Story Volumes 1 and 2 reveal who is pulling the strings. Volume 3 tells us the why: the purpose, the payoff expected by the forces whose identities are finally coming to the fore.


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