2018 Show Index


August 2
Erosion piece

August 16
Govts no control, no taxes
Religion an experiment
OSS creation
errant warriors
energy vampirism

August 23
Children, imaginary friend and paranormal
AI lingering memory
Trust Team roles

September 6
no fear porn
Luna Lisa passing
Ex CIA running for office
Piece on war pigs
Psychic attacks, 45/55, shielding
What happens next?

September 13
Health epidemic in USA
Patent issue
Message to Patriots piece

September 20
recap of all money programs ran in alt media
Trump divisive piece and hypothetical solution
Creating our own wifi
Manifest abilities, dont dream, manifest
Description of Trust and work to date

September 27
RV description
where your energy goes re politics
what would sovereignty bring
origin of communism
leaders and followers

October 4
Response to fake govt overthrow piece
Who I am and stand for
Why do people treat me this way?
History of Belgium
JFK piece

October 11
Clinton Foundation
Lucifer, Lilith, Red Queen, djinns, witchcraft, Covens and Marilee

October 18
Review of coastal building techniques and where to build
Rumpelstiltskin, imps and faires
Fed Interest rates
Illiterate and 2 generations speech

October 25
Feminism piece
CIA MK Ultra training Level 1-4
The end of alt media as we knew it

November 1
Piece on crystals and warning
Going with the gut is wrong and why
Program members, Monarch members and warnings
Nuclear codes and who is in real charge of them
Response to feminism piece
Excerpts from The Talmud
Spotting patterns and how all their programs failed

November 8
John Von Wright new Pindar
Politics pointless
Trump antichrist or not?
Migrant caravan and echoes of Rome
Exposure of Zionists bankers and oil merchants
The folly of the labels on sexuality
Meeting Et’s or Nt’s a good or bad thing?
Human development, birth, life and death
Emotions and fear

November 15
MWHT ambassador thrown out of Treasury by Citadel and Hillary Clinton
SSp firing DEW weapons and creating California fires
Magan and Matt outed as Pentagon puppets
IMF demanding 134 countries to switch to crypto
The 4 M’s being a problem, media, military, masons and marduk
Warning that alt media is finished
Cooperative business model plan laid out
Reparation money for slavery
List of things done by Trust and team
Teachers of the past not heard until too late

November 21
Highlighting failed alt media platforms and schemes
US military in Haiti at behest of Clinton’s
Call with Chinese royals and government, and America selling off all military equipment
2779 page intelligence report sent out globally to all prominent people and departments
Trump impotent with several departments
Fed tried to declare country bankrupt
Calls from Pope, Netanyahu and JP Morgan for funds
Warning of internet censorship
Space based weather altering system
Weather wars and highlighting Paradise fire conditions
Ben Gurions Jewish scandal book
Hitler the artist, archeologist and writer, now homicidal maniac?
Branding people at 16 with a tax code and it’s implications
Are we the people the breakaway group?
Drake, Marduk and Annunaki expose
IRS exposure not approved by an act of Congress
The Trust paid $1.476T American debt owed to China off this week
The Trust paid off $196T in lieu of debts of America to the Fed this week

November 29
Warning of Q & A questions and alt media interference
Attacks on black budget servers and new servers in Pentagon
Cabal issuing threats of nuclear and biowarfare
Warning of blockchain and back doors in all software and hardware programs
Shift inside the Vatican following call from Trustee
High levels discussions ongoing in all churches of how to wind down the religious program
Govt and Treasury shown a video of a vault owned by the Trust
Black Friday folly and practice
How to solve foreign based US military returning home problem
Explanation of alt media based faction shows
The sun theory and deeper expose of the two worlds
Events/deja vu/mandella explanation, ascension theory, loops

December 6
Clowns leveraging against 19 African countries
All negotiations with clowns of all varieties suspended this week
Bush Snr death announcement
Council announced realm 7 had collapsed
Pentagon issued warning work for America or not get paid
Q, Payseurs and alt media name changes
4 year loop and correct prediction in 2014 of when Bush death would be announced
Russia and China became Communist after both world wars
Insight into recent FRWL show, covered many lies and topics
How can you trust others and not yourself

December 13
Trump threatened Schumer and Pelosi, plus continued Government shutdown
Pentagon & Langley spent all day in the Treasury, trying enforce Treasury Reserve notes or US notes backed by fake SKR.
Explanation of SDR’S and Super notes
Adrenochrome explanation
What is integrity, group emotions, vibration
Time and perspective of it

December 20
Feds meeting with all major departments showing zero liquidity
Feds try to crash US economy
Investigating committees looking into Fed fraud via supernotes
Trump denied wall funds
Manna WHT tries to do deal with Liberian govt until clowns intervened, first public mention of the MWHT
GCHQ complaining they were not paid $300M for bombing Syria
All vaults were emptied 2013-14, warning of attempting to enter vaults and not right frequency
Leo Wanta latest loop program to return to trash the Trust
What is fiat currency
Changes to country borders and names since WW2
The Tulsa, Oklahama massacre by US Military in 1922
Work and financial comparisons for America
Sophia the robot launched


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