2020 Show Index


January 9
Australian fires (unnatural)
Suspicious Russian ship off America’s east coast
M13 gang
Trust recalled 16.8 quadrillion all central bank notes for 500 year debt on Black Sun and Rothschild’s
Mattis ordered attack on US Embassy on Baghdad
Revocation show – dark prince removed December 28th
Expect new growth to come into universe, unnatural black hole removed
Africa GMO cotton
Kevin Annett/Republic of Kanata anniversary month
Ponder: can video games lead to simulation life
UMBRAGE CIA remote devices branch
Police being sent to Mossad Assassin schools
Complete financial restructuring of US and end foreign aid
Talmud crimes
Racism discussed
Ally of demons invites children to summon demons in a book
All religions came from Anu, reptile religion

January 23
Iraqi parliament ousted foreign forces, Trump tries sanctions
Britain to quit EU
AAS India’s central bank
AVR admits to blocking the Trust
AVR and Kim are distant cousins
Moscow archived WWII documents to debunk disinformation
Ayahuasca negative invoking of fake gods/ Shiva.
Russian deep state government resigned.
Clown quantum system turned to dust
Attempts to steal Kim and Trust failed
UK cabinet banned from DAVOS meeting
Time is over – new beginning for the ALL about to unfold
Non-compete Plan 1976
Hammer points 1-6

February 6
Randall Kaiser piece
Fear makes people ill
TPC Financials – Michele Hancsak director
Uganda – Vanessa Nakate
West Bank Settlement challenge
City of Vienna vs Nathaniel Freiherr von Rothschild
Gates Whitehouse trip cancelled
Cooperative not corporate
Everything  Schwartz, Schwartzenberg, Schwartzman, Schwarzenegger
George Soros – Schwartz funds liberals
Space Command launched
No accountability for Pelosi, Hillary, Biden, etc.
Lying news media, where are the lawsuits
America – less warmongering
Pelosi bribing to vote against Trump – outed
Capitalism leads to Communism to Zionism
Great White Race reduction program
Ayahausca – 10 points

February 20
Fact is Fiction, Fiction is Fact
Share TPC Intro videos on website
Apple caught deliberately slowing down I-Phones
IMF Managing director Georgieva
Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir face ICC war crime charges
Iraqi TBI from Iranian attack
China illegally funds Harvard and Yale
Swiss Crypto AG
Where is proof of 1000 dead in Wuhan
Attempt at asset bunker breach
Clowns attempt to steal weapons from Ukraine
De la Rue took over AB Corp printers
18 US Code S squiggle sign 2385 Overthrow of Government
Samuel Abraham Goudsmit (Goldsmith)
Oto Hahn/Kaiser Wilhelm Institute
IG Farben / Zyklon B stains the wall blue. There were no blue walls.
Solomon is from Egypt
George Washington gave double speak prayer
Talmud – Hebrews nothing to do with Jews
Hebrews worship Lilith.

March 5
US AG for NM sues google
Facebook Libra considers other digital currencies
Rothschild owned Swiss banks stole directly from its own people during WWII, Jew on Jew theft
1.8 trillion permanently gone from NZ base
KPMG is a Rothschild controlled entity
Team Bubba, Rea Biggum, Larry Large, NieTain are main protagonists
5 factions have now become 2 factions

March 9  update show
Rothschild losing control to Black Sun
Ides of March came for clowns
Market slashed, Bitcoin slashed, Oil slashed
Epstein/Prince Andrew drama to mask Brexit
Potentially facing Russian 1919 style hostile takeover of America by Bolsheviks=Zionists=Black Sun

March 19
Former THI allies betray us
Mercenary clown Eric Prince of Blackwater under investigation
Rothschild’s blocking food and supplies, hoarding below main Walmart centers
Martial law averted
Kim pulled rank
Britain’s Official Secrets Act 1911

India vs Pakistan conflict arises in control of Kashmir again
Yemeni conflict
Circumcision piece
Islands coming and going from maps

March 30
Zero evidence of ongoing global hoax
Failed Russian collusion erased almost instantaneously by the fake Ukrainian impeachment process
What are their motives?  1-10
The Trust Declarations 1-11
Wilcock/Shane/Goode – Rothschild and Black Sun agents
Savior programs/Fake programs
Rothschild’s vs Black Sun vs TPC triality options

April 2
Why are hospitals empty, where are the deaths?
BlackRock takes over Fed Reserve
Dunblane massacre
Everton launches blue family
Fort Dietrich, Maryland shut down
Billionaires harvesting millionaires
Money supply dwindling
2008 mimics 1963
Gideon piece
Julius Caesar versus Jesus Christ

April 9
TPC funds member’s wheelchair
Patriotism equals Fascism
Kushner blocks purchase of PPE’s
TPC Solutions laid out 12 point plan for global restoration

April 16
Alt media clowns offered 5K blood money
Part 2 of People’s Club Video uploaded
Live Zoom with Kim
IMF and World Bank announced global debt cancelation
Global Fascism equals Zionism and Communism
OPEC cuts supply
Mnuchin flawed economics/stimulus checks

April 23
TPC donations broke previous 6 month record (prior to breakup)
RCMP shooting false flag In Nova Scotia
Wuhan update
Richard Branson pledges luxury island resort
Neiman Marcus bankrupt/ JC Penny/Nordstrom’s chapter 11
2 trillion stimulus bill
Virus miraculously travels over water
Macron installed as leader of NWO
Universal Council landed on Earth
Le Cercle piece
Adolf Hitler’s address to the Reichstag July 19, 1940
TW’s path to self-mastery

May 7
Pope Francis announces Global Pact
Michigan sues Governor Gretchen Whitmer
BlackRock CEO Larry Fink advising Trump
UN expert said annexation strictly prohibited under international law
Demise of Palestinian right to self determination
Bank Hapoalim in Israel actively assisting US customers evading taxes
Takeover of the Fed not for the people
16,500 year control system crushed in one decade
Discussion of Trust, TPC, and clowns
Brutal reality here. Rogue elements taking advantage of depopulation  1-11 points

May 14
Google’s sister firm Sidewalk Labs scraps plan to build Smart city on Toronto’s waterfront
Luciferase piece
Singapore’s robot dog “Spot”
Palestinian Annexation
CFR piece
Elon Musk – Deus Ex
NSA launch Ghidra

May 21
Robert Petula heartfelt thanks to TPC
New York requires nursing homes to admit newly released covid patients
Facebook implicated in data mining
Knights Templar piece
China proposes new security law In Hong Kong, potentially banning sedition, secession, and subversion
Wealthy have taken flight, abandoning New York City
DOD/USDHH announcing project jumpstart
Clowns to flood America with De la Rue notes with Mnuchin’s name
UN broke
Alt media smack down
Slash 17 current spy agencies into 2: domestic and foreign
Quantum system ran universal basic income numbers

June 4
Kim’s departure into the sunset
The Gobshites Liverpool FC did publicity stunt in favor of George Floyd taking the knee
AZ AG Mark Brnovitch file lawsuit against google
Elana Freeland and Cara St. Louis, former Orendorf Waldorf Brain entrainment programs
1/3 people, 1/3 Roths, 1/3 Black Sun
Top Rothschild and Black Sun all hail Marduk
Draco queen killed and consumed

June 18
Mnuchin talking 2nd stimulus checks, forgetting 1st never arrived for most Americans
Colorado reeducation camps
Post bank South Africa, master key stolen, 12 million need cc replacements
911 Pentagon attacks directed at white hats
Wonderland/Westworld underground amusement parks
Rothschilds deploy synthetic telepathy
Kim the Trustee has fallen to this technology
Newpoint robot armies
Pleurisy piece
OSHA violations
BLM = pure racism.  All isms are racisms.

July 2
TPC Texas launched as an official business
UK Government looking to relax travel quarantine rules
Novartis Swiss Pharmaceutical $642 million dollar lawsuit for MS and Kidney cancer drugs
High eviction rate due to pandemic
NYC Blasio violence erupting, police budget slashed
Private Meltzer neo-Nazi anarchist
German wire card collapsed
Al Gore, UN Secretary, others now demanding global reset
Operation Blackout 2019 simulating sabotage of civilian infrastructure
White Macy brutally assaulted by black man in middle of store
Banner at UK soccer stadium “White Lives Matter” deemed racist
Zionist sub-gray instill white guilt complex over their exploitation of the Negroes 1912 Israel Cohen

July 16
Netflix conveniently pulls Continuum
Fire broke out at Iranian facility at Natanz
Motorcycle riding armed bandit joined Nigeria’s kidnap ransom industry
1/3 American households able to make mortgage payment in July
Sexual abuse widespread in Egypt
WHO partnered with Johnson & Johnson, Amazon and google in anti-smoking program
Ghislaine Maxwell left tinfoil wrapped cell phone in New Hampshire home
Newsome has made California Port of Entry for China to smuggle weapons for planned civil war
Foreign student visas withdrawn, universities sue
Kenneth Marcus, Israeli lobbyist resigned at US Dept of Education
Black Sun and Rothschilds playing out dance of two evils
Paradise false flag
Berlin Babylon – Black Sun Group building German Luftwaffe at Lipetsk
German Luftwaffe deliver A-bomb materials to NY for Black Sun

July 30
Thomas visits Dugway Area 52
Dutch and British tea companies, NY, London, Berlin, Moscow, Singapore, Hong Kong run by Jewish sub-gray race aka Jewish Anunnaki.
THI Germany and Poland groups ensconced with SS Agents, be aware
South Africa in Orwellian lockdowns
Canada’s Trudeau ensconced in WE Charity
Free speech fascists on the march
Global food issues
Police issues in Chicago
US approves more than $2.4 trillion
Covid divide and conquer program
Japanese professor says corona virus not natural
Stimulus bill Cares Act
Bank of Canada hires Black Rock

3 Gorges Dam failing

August 6
Speaker of the House who can’t speak and a game show host as President
Beirut dark forces extraction event
Russian vaccine trial in Novosibirsk appears effective against covid
Thousands rally in Berlin
Israeli’s protest outside Netanyahu’s house
ICC pursues war crimes against Israel
LA city counselor arrested and charged with racketeering
Reality is Asian greed-based clowns own west coast of Canada (Vancouver)
Technology warning SpaceX
Fake virus policies impact
Australian state Victoria declares state of disaster and lockdown
Beirut saw massive explosion
Ron Paul statement to Congress
Mask expose

August 13
Message to people of Belarus
CDC admitted death rates greatly exaggerated
Lebanon government collapsed
Finance, crimes, and plandemic
Blackstone acquires Ancestry.com
New Zealand introduces most extreme abortion law in the world
Octarine piece

August 20
Mass protest at Trafalgar Square
Douglas Elliman real estate firm reports 13,000 apartments for rent, highest in 14 years
British holiday maker dash home to beat 14 day quarantine requirement
US has seized 1.116 million barrels of Iranian fuel headed for Venezuela
Recommends AVR and Kim combine assemblies
Veterans claiming Israel fired nuke at Beirut
Full disclosure for full disclaimer, except where it involves criminality against children
Bank of Leumi under criminal actions for tax evasions in US
15 year veteran of CIA charged with selling US secrets to China
Millie Weaver videos

August 27
We at THI are the shadowhunters
US prosecutors charge Teva pharmaceuticals with conspiring to raise generic prices
Boris Johnson blamed mutant algorithm for this summer’s exam results fiasco
New genetic evidence suggest Indian travelers landed in Australia over 4 millennia ago
Astral rape piece

September 3
Cosmic Tower zoom with Harald Thiers
Astral rape zoom call for members
NLA piece
Chicago empties out. Next: Miami, Seattle, San Francisco?
Greenland gaining ice at record levels
US economy shrank at an alarming annual rate of 31.7%
Tik Tok CEO Kevin Mayer resigns
Vaccine manufacturers are not liable for any harm caused by vaccines
CDC silently updated covid deaths
Elon Musk Neuralink
Med beds
Race and divide and conquer issues (Zimbabwe)

September 10
Harald Thiers vs Stanislov Cosmic Tower controversy
Federal court rules that NSA surveillance on American phone calls illegal and unconstitutional
Lancet update
Update on Beirut
Update on Melbourne
Race issues
Pakistanis protest Charlie Hebdo reprint
Technology update
CLS strategies piece
Cyberwarfare piece
Fake pandemic update
John Hopkins Math.  1% .1% debacle
Over frequency piece
Words to observe for 2020 are “shift and phasing”

September 17
Syria thwarts an Israeli attack on Aleppo
4 decade era of globalization may be ending and entering “the age of disorder”
Fake virus and lockdowns
Israel orders Gilead’s coronavirus drug Remdesivir
Belarus exposes World Bank loans preconditions
Oregon wildfires
Brennan and Comey –  8 solutions
Operation Blackout
Zionist guilt and shame program

September 24
Emergencies or M urgencies
Protocol of the Elders of Zion
Ruth Bader Ginsburg finally “kicks the bucket”
Tik Tok and WeChat possible ban
Jared Kushner
CDC testing
Pope Francis – new Vatican think tank
British Astra Zeneca trial participant
Pentagon redirects 1 billion in pandemic funds to defense contractors
Caught out or exposed
Banks launder money
Stephen F Cohen American Russian expert has died
Malka Leifer facing molestation charges in Melbourne
CIA launches federal lab
Trump addresses APAC
UKMHS preparedness
Universal membrane separation

October 1
Nxivm-Claire Bronfman
JP Morgan defrauds precious metals and US Treasuries
Huawei R&D Dongguan goes up in flames
Thousands of unopened ballots found in Pataluma garbage
UK police and MI5 permitted to commit crimes
911 Services go down due to Azure cloud glitch
US Ninja Hellfire missile kills top Q leader in Syria
Northern Syria has largest oil deposits
US Space Force located in Al-Udeid Qatar
WOW group Israel
Race issues
Trustee sends $10 million to Israel
Melbourne update
Plunging into mini ice age
Jewish Day of Atonement
Tank siphons $25,000 in lawful American donations
768,000 Black Sun members not dead

October 8
British troops on UK Streets
John Hopkins acting like they can count
Extreme poverty set to rise this year. First time in 2 decades.
Pompeo meets Langley CIA agents in Rome
Weather wars and fake climate change
Trump section
Exposures FEMA NYPD
Race issues
Virus BS
Trump and Q another savior program
Our rise will be their fall

October 15
Communists are not Russian or Chinese but Zionists
Politics and News
Israelis flock to the streets against government ban on mass demonstrations
Sudan/CIA connections
Military and technology – 5G deployment
Food issues
Asian bees
Social media issues
Zuckerberg with silent F
Captain Joseph R. John/The Sunrise Movement
Q = Quirinus
Trump project/Serco
Ritualized abuse/Larry Pazder
How did you LOVE?

October 22
“What state is Pennsylvania in?”
Continuum style technology games
Social media/internet issues (House Bill 092520)
Goldman Sachs biggest beneficiaries of covid turmoil
Thailand update
Transition integrity project/US deep state
Title 18 US Code 2385
Kim confirms Santander Bank deposit
Kim has distributed $33.5T, but none to the people
My door remains open end piece

November 5
Boris Johnson announces 2nd lockdown for UK
Trump poised to lose election
Operation Autumn Hope, Cleveland Ohio
AOC and Rashida Talib introduce bill for Federal Chartered Public Banking system
International Jewry urged to raise $600 billion for causes in the Occupation State (JFNA JFP)
Race issues
Fight back from the People
Covid fakery
Exposures and Exposes (Rockefeller funded “strong cities network”)
CIA covert infiltration of American Universities
Word magic time
TPC ideas and solutions
Reduce your cost of living and donate to TPC

November 12
Macron, Trump, Black Sun, and King titles
How to build the TPC Zoom Call
Revamp of The Peoples Club and Think Different websites
TPC is a hand up, Lifeforce is a handout
The 100 series, where are the good guys, there are none.
Election review
Next stage Kushner/Ivanka 2024
Wait clubs
Debunking the creator god

November 19
Denmark resists law forcing vaccinations
Pompeo is an Israeli stooge “anti-Zionism = anti-Semitism”
RCEP trade deal China extends influence
Boy Scouts of America, 100,000 sexual abuse victims, filed for bankruptcy
Newsome issues corona virus travel advisory
Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government
Turkmenistan caliphate’s next stop?
Operation Timber Sycamore
Charlie Ward – Golden Dragon member

November 26
Need for TPC Island increases by the day
Israelis demand Netanyahu resignation
Boris Johnson facing Tory rebellion over lockdown restrictions
Covid related news
Advanced warning (11-13 million risk eviction in US)
UN World Food Program warning devastating famines in 2021
Anti-laser devise brings wireless future closer
Alternative media piece
Televisions turned into bugs
Murder by Injection: The Great Swine Flu Massacre

December 3
Trump has consigned Americans to a vaccine
Kim aligns with Charlie Ward
Debenham’s to close
Walt Disney lays off 4000 in addition to 32,000 across the company
Moshen Fakrizadeh, Iran’s most senior scientist assassinated
M13 gang problems in Central America (ORS)
QUANTIS mandates vaccinations for employees
Congress introduces three farm bills
India/Sri Lanka piece
Mohini piece

December 10
Iranian scientist assassinated by AI satellite
News from botworld delivered by non portal world people
CIA on morals?
Maduro set to regain control of Venezuelan’s national assembly
Things they say that make you go “Hmm”  Parts 1-8
EXPOSE: Iran at loggerheads with Biden administration over nuclear program
(Seven Sisters) Consortium for Iran’s petroleum industry
The 5 Hooks
Chronos – Father Time piece
Hebrew Annunaki piece

December 17
Kraken CIA program name
City of London, private estate within the heart of London
America is 4th Reich – quarter million flights to and from Germany – Operation Paperclip
Oman welcomes Morocco’s decision to normalize relations with Israel
Hunter Biden piece
Ethiopian Tigray piece
Technology – Red Hat Openstack
Covid BS
Olodumare – Nigeria
New Zealand has lifted almost all corona virus restrictions
Coca Cola tests positive for covid!
Deeper Covid M-rna coding
Julius Caesar, Jesus Christ piece
Compass/mathematical instrument piece

December 24
The future is bright, the future is orange, but is it the House of Orange?
Typical timing to lockdown Xmas for the Brits
$900 billion stimulus bill with little money for the people
Trump proposes stimulus payment of $2000 per American
California saw record low population growth in 2020
New IMF white paper
Credit score affected by poor search history to websites
Ontario’s Health Minister Christine Elliot covid caste system
Pfizer merger piece
Earth has shifted per Inuit Elders
Clade X pathogen piece
The Host Possession piece
Golems piece
Abraxas and Ciakar

THI Show