2019 Show Index


January 3
Trump threatened
Bergdahl hostage to cover up Obama and Hillary Benghazi games
shutdown over the wall
BBC posting loop news stories
IMF pushing 134 countries into crypto
David Rothschild rant at Trump
Krokodil drug in Russia
American survey on America issues

January 10
Pelosi trying to push TRN’s in bill
Rothschild’s trying to claim Trust money was sent by them
Trump cancels Davos meeting attendance
Alt media doom and gloom
HR25 a bill worked on by Kim and team now entered into Congress
Explanation on taxes and America debt free and self sustaining within 3-5 years
The age of not meeting in person upon us
Trump and the 5 factions
Kosovo report
Mass Arrests op-ed and why it wont change anything
Australian politician pensions report
Manafort links with Russia, 5 eyes etc
Let go of the past for the future

January 17
Alt media obsession with distraction pieces, 5G, chemtrails, viruses, Nibiru
Trump blocks Pelosi flying to Middle East
Trump blocked Mnuchin, Pompeo and Wilbur Ross going to Davos
US Military invaded Panama and Columbia for oil blockades
President of Panama forced to attend meeting and threatened
Gas shortages in central America and Zimbabwe
Invasions of Panama not ordered by the President
Pelosi and cohorts attempting false flag operation on Capital building
Pelosi and Schumer plus lobbyists hold private meeting in Puerto Rico
Trump arranged shut down meeting, Dems never turned up
Pelosi running for President and expose of her
MS 13 gangs attack on Kim at request of Pindar Jon Von Wright
Religion of the holy cat
Cleopatra theory
Past life memory and recall op-ed piece
CNN and white privilege and black balance piece op-ed

January 19
Warning of public speeches making no sense
Mnuchin and Trump almost came to blows after Mnuchin produced fake certificates
Warnings of General Mattis
Genocide in Zimbabwe
Mexico pipeline explosion and why
CIA jumping ship?
Further update on Pelosi false flag attempt
Full explanation of the RV and why it will never happen
Why we need a wall – harvesting
Alt media attacks launched against Trust by Leo Wanta and Robert David Steele
Kim letter
My follow up explaining Trust, plans and clowns attempts at blocking it

January 24
Public violence re: Trump hats
Pelosi cancels plans for Afghanistan visit allegedly with troops, but more to do with Chinese “elders”
Explanation of HR204 American sovereignty restoration act
Kim working with several African countries
Roths threaten to shut down US banking system
Clowns threatening Venezuela govt.
Bots removed from banking system
Cobra exposure and Annabelle system proves he is rogue
Kingdom of Manna expose
Yellow vest report from France
Indians from India theory
Gematria – hebrew distraction
Explanation of the control structure from the Trustee document
Increase in cabal panic

January 31
Statement on TPC not charging for proposals or to join our group like Kre8change
Trump threatens further shutdown
Fed and Mnuchin try to steal funds sent by The Trust
$1.3T requested by Fed was same amount Venezuelan govt requested for return
Trump receiving bad intel
What is really going on in and with Venezuela
Roths stole diamonds out of Angola
Chinese investment group skullduggery, Generals had enough?
Zimbabwe state of emergency
Invasion of Panama, Columbia and Venezuela explained
Why no mass arrests?
CNN and BBC fake news
Govt shutdown ended, fake news expose and why hasnt Trump acted against them
Hurricane Michael expose and Trust disaster relief blocking
Explanation of Brexit
Pope cannot issue sovereignty piece
Expose and history of the IRA
Fake Chinese elders
Fake cold war expose
Yellow vest update
Exposure of mercenary groups
PSI field piece  

February 7
Chinese hit squads for Trustee and retort via satellites
Trump prepares legal papers for Fed reserve and treasury
Mnuchin presenting fake gold certificates again
Pelosi fired from Black Dragon group
The blocking of Eric Prince/Blackwater
Feds printing fake USD in Asia
Explanation of back side banking system
State of the Union farce
The holocaust narrative not all Jewish
Robert Mueller father head of Gestapo
Folly of flat earth
Thule piece
Abortion piece
Magic light and dark piece
Pondering on 85/15% bots piece
Missing dates, months, zodiacs and time
Source, god and the Lord Anu
Folly and exposure of religions

February 14
Bank liquidity down
Citibank central bank for Africa
The Trust called in the debt owed to it on the Fed Reserve
NATO systems disabled
Trustee deletes Mnuchin clearance and security levels explained
Dismissal of alleged Gitmo arrests
Pelosi family linked to Green deal
Intent, praying and assumption in messaging god or Jesus

February 15
Margaret Sanger  and Planned Parenthood expose
Where are all the good guys? why things are always difficult.
Call for Americans to stand up

February 21
Editor of newspaper calling for lynchings of KKK
Israel and Poland row over holocaust money
Warning to Trump
Trump warning of coups
Movie theaters takeover by China
Disney Jewish pedo expose
The California 4 mafia
US sales dropping alarmingly
Alt media characters expose
Politicians and sexual affairs obsession – not relevant
8 UK MP’s walk out alleging anti semitism in Labour party
Who are the UR’s
American Indians the original Kali Ma?
Egyptians, Solomon, Moloch, 6 pointed star, Hebrew Jewish, Yahweh, Saturn, Rus, Aryans, Radomir and Mary Magdalene piece
Israel Cohen 1912 piece, subjugation of whites
Jews running the media
Dark forces against the Urs, Ashkenazi Jews, Cohens (khan) and ancient war.

February 28
Warning about and against Trump
Trump, Kim Yung Un and Eric Prince trip
Trustee shut down Fed server
ACH/Swift no longer going through the Fed
Cabal created new system, collapsed in 8 minutes
New allocation numbers, transfers all can see it and blocked
Explanation of 2% Trustee fee
Pope ousted by black nobility?
Abrahamic god expose
Student homeless warning
Randy and Shane piece on homosexual based show, labels and Political Correctness
Why the focus on 5G?
Channeling posts and all internet monetary programs about to pay out – not!
British Palestine expose
How to greet people?

March 7
Treasury $175M and Fed $125M in the red
All the foreign held USD in Federal Reserve banks in the USA is gone
Corporates paid too much
14 aspects of Fascism
Bill stating a felony to boycott Israel
Sexual entity attachment
Expose of David Rea and Team bubba group

March 14
Warnings against Trump and Q
Sex and entrapment piece
MWHT Liberia funding explained
Boundless Informant and exposure of NSA
Tor, Egypt, Barons, Magna Carta
Deeper trump warning of his connections

March 21
Robert David Steele and Sacha Stone threatening Kevin Annette
ITNJ expose
History of the IRS read out
NZ shooting expose
Sackler family expose
Sheryl Sandberg expose
Positive/Negative influences, shadow work, 45/55

March 28
The Mueller report revealed
Federal expenses expose
Bad budget cuts done by Trump administration
Benelux expose – Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg
Jussie Smollet and black issues
The story of Queen Esther
Who controls the US Treasury
David Wilcock outed as a parasite
Syria, Iran and Russia
The 3 levels of awakening

April 4
Pentagon and General Dunford launch attacks to kill or injure Kim and the team, with snatch squad out of Wright Patterson (SSP)
Trump warned it was time for the Task Force
IBM launch new blockchain financial system
American funds including SS, Pension, budget, DOD and Military spending
New B-21 bombers and their staggering costs
Census waste
Vaccine ingredients
Difference between Rothschilds and MWHT
Did you know American history

April 11
Trump Israel and Iran stances highlighted
Trouble in Treasury, Homeland Security and Secret Service
Attempt to refloat the banks, banks pulled out, so next deal is 20% capitol and 80% projects
Agencies and organizations moved out of the financial register
Back story of Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen = oil
Highlight of “interior” US Naval Bases
Explanation of why the Trust is funding the US Government
The looking glass technology
The white race denigrated not privileged
Robert David Steele expose
What if Jesus arrived on White House lawn today?
People only caring for their own country and wellbeing
Rothschild’s backing down?

April 18
Failed Israeli moon mission
Rothschild’s did not back down fully
Military had meeting in Florida to arrange hit squad on Kim and team
Clowns tried to introduce USN or TRN’S again
Potential Pentagon deal
FBI blocking funds = servers down elsewhere
Fincen expose
Mueller report expose
Outing on banks
Colonel House and Woodrow Wilson treason against the people
Stonehenge built by the Rus?
Alt media personalities recap
Ridiculousness and invasion of privacy just to board a flight these days (satirical look)
Batman, Gotham, New York and Osiris piece
Staggering costs of living in New York or California
Batman and dark elves piece
Two good shows on or about Australia, Pine gap and Secret City
Ritual time by fire and certain dates of tragedies
Notre Dame “fire” issue
American jobs, businesses and non compete act = trouble ahead

April 25
Pushing elderly and homeless out of San Francisco
Treasury lied to and more transfers
High level meeting of Govt, Fed and Treasury, expressing their concerns
Internet outages and 2 satellites destroyed for interference
Female Israeli peace activists
Fincen expose
IQ expose
Horrors in India and Bangladesh
Mitt Romney expose
Sri Lanka bombings piece
Hebrew words
Yoga expert missing key knowledge, shielding clients
Agent Orange
Billionaires wealth increase
NY medical fascism

May 2
Call to create US State and Country groups
Fed trying to recapitalize banks – failed, Pentagon threatened by “Chinese Elders”
Treasury blocking Trust funds again
Pence working behind Trumps back and against him
Kenya charging UNICEF and WHO sterilizing young girls
Why is Kim and Thomas in those positions
First Nxium now Snctm more sex parties with children
Los Angeles quarantining a whole campus due to “measles”
Expose on Julian Assange
Alt media expose Steele, Paine, Webb
Irish history Magdalena laundries, Ellis Island, Cat holic churches missing and abused children

May 9
Iran threatened over nuclear deal
Fed rolled out the RV – it failed
Deep states trying to steal gold out of N.Korea
Banks restructured and codes changed
New Sec.of Defense Mr. Shanahan told to work with the Trustee
America’s job market
Discussion on potential 23% flat tax and no income tax
Exposure of the Ninth Circle cult
Archeological finds expose lies of Israel and Egypt
Discussion on not making profits on life’s basic needs
Fake humanitarians
Excessive grants going to selected cabal companies
Questions we don’t ask
National Security Act of 1947
Russian spy and NY socialist scene
Discussing psychologists
Thoughts on zoom call with Kim

May 16
Israel arrogance and shooting of Palestinians
US using measles fear to generate profits
Mnuchin threatening CIA, Pentagon and Trump
Following bank restructure, organizations complaining of not gaining access
Council addressed re: Anu, plus 39 other species working well together
Yellow vests report
Benefit of non violent protests
The folly of over population, plus who owns American land
Expose of Nicole Kidman’s brother (pedo)
Propaganda being used after Colorado shooting
Deep expose on alt media clowns
How hard it is to wake people up

May 23
More alt media stupidity and need to come together
Possible Trump impeachment
Crimes of the Democrats
CIA man jailed for spying for China
More US banks and Fed clownery, leveraging funds to the Chinese
Planetary frequency shift and SSP playing games
Questions answered on the Trust
Expose Bill De Blasio
Expose of Jewish “holocaust” donations
Vatican exorcisms
Expose of missing Native Americans
Expose of stressed Americans
Dangers of antibiotics
Update on Mali
Questions asked by media over the 6M Jews figure
What is important about THI shows

May 30
A small Q & A section
Kim provides explanations on several matters
Politics collapsing
Expose of WHO
Discussion on the ET program = savior and wait club
Common sense questions
Discussion on this being a simulation world
Long piece on where we are at in terms of shadow and inner work, what planes we are operating from, “magic” abilities, healing powers, masks, “the call”, critical and future thinking, emotional states, 45/55, balance, low self worth and limitations, comparative and competitive, mindset, low vibrational thinking and actions, the mirror concept, discernment, mandela, deja vu, self lying, Russian dolls, self mastery, spirit traveling, becoming a “god” and much more.

June 6
Summary of life and people and panic in society
Expose of Tank and Dan Lutz
Warning of food shortage due to flooding
Warning to climbers going on mountains
Kim snatching attempt
Update on other beings here
More blocking of Trust
Bunkers warnings not heeded
Chinese cabal syphoning Iran of oil
Chinese military arrived in OZ
Chinese deep state declared war on the planet
5 eyes taken offline
Actions taken against the Djinn
Warning the Trust will withdraw and leave you all swinging
Fake Jews rewriting history exposed, Red Cross in Poland exposes the fake figures
Fake shooting shuts down national address by Trump and others, taken off air
Expose of Planned Parenthood
Cassandra letter
Question on 85% bots
Repeat of last weeks piece, where are we at?

June 13 
Queen Malta home up for sale, but what is under it?
Antiquity auction scandal
De La Rue lost passport printing contract
Historical bonds and Citibank exposure
More Treasury clownery
Expose of Americans short of funds
Expose of Ethiopia homophobic attitudes
Expose of Facebook and factchecker
Expose of Tony Rodham brother of Hitlery
Long piece on the battleground for Midgard

June 20
Facebook announce Libra crypto currency
Nxium leader found guilty
Death Insurance and student loans started by Military
Soldiers or Soul diers? agent orange, MK Ultra, Hotel California
Military and other solutions
Tragedy of mobile homes
Straight Pride deemed offensive, the rise of minority divide and conquer programs
Emotions, water is Source? Dealing with trauma and pain, mastering mental and emotional states, synths/bots,
who is waking who up? internal/external, death, trust, losing people or gaining momentum?

June 27
Black and Jewish reparation
AOC – agency operated clown does crying into empty parking lot
House in Malta owned by the Queen being sold, Library of Alexandre underneath?
MWHT proof for $10B “cancer cure hospital city”
Zimbabwe going with own currency not Zims
GlaxoSmithKline with Go ogle creating bioelectronics “microchip” company
Mass grave of Canadian indigenous women found
Children raised without religion are kinder
World poverty statistics
Billionaires asking to be taxed to keep old tax system
Social Security running out?
Switzerland expose
Bitcoin issues
New birth certificate scam, crypto warning

July 4
Illusion of independence from Crown

Reverend Ross known to Everton

HEK-293 made aborted fetus cells

CBECI estimates energy to maintain bitcoin network 64 terawatts

National Defense Network Abuse Act introduce (porn on DOD computers)

Huawai turns away from google android OS

Chip maker to buy cybersecurity firm Symantec exposed

People under siege leaving New York for Texas and Florida

Media not covering banking problems

Deutsche Bank slashing 20,000 positions worldwide

Stephen-Moore fed crypto central bank

Bank of America embracing digital payments transactions

Macron Castener of Crimes article 35

Randy Maugans and Alan mentioned

Antifa BLM attacks

Sold us products with limited lifespans to cream money from each stage

Convenience damaging us all

Growing own food, less on groceries

Terms like decentral, etc.

$1 program, many won’t help save themselves

Closing Thomas life and history of THI

July 11

Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested for allegedly sex trafficking
Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia have seized a container ship
The Credit lines being cut to all banks
The Tribunal that publicly indicted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and twenty other top officials and
The American divide and conquer policy
The role of the cell is often overlooked
So Mr. Trump delivered his July 4th speech

July 18
That’s what happened with Deutsche Bank, when as we reported two weeks ago, the quantum fund pulled its cash
Trustee Kim and Putin were told by the former trustee back in 2009-10 that the RV was a ruse to distract people and would never take place.
The Draco empire now has a new leader after Anu was discarded and dealt with, no more king draco, this one is a queen and is currently displaying many characteristics of peace and harmony, which has not gone down well
A prominent Canadian Senator, Larry Campbell, has been issued a Summons to Appear before a

July 25
The focus was heavily on the Rothschild’s and Freemason roles
We will have to close down all American borders, cancel the UN, NATO, Restore Organic Constitution
There has already been made massive savings in
The split of the two worlds
Violent riots erupted in towns and cities throughout Israel
The latest atrocities coming out of the Cult of Ra
Did you know that the attacks on Syria?
So, if we want to cool down the core planet temperature,
This was taken from the Nibiru Annunaki tablets
Our current moon is too large to be a natural moon
This is what the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s and all royal family lines
They seek solace in the six hooks of life
This is classic energy vampirism
The answer is we are not all human,

August 1
The THI ebook is now out
You will require a step up of the shielding
They hate the way this group has bonded as a family
Keenan’s latest he talks, AVR raised her head again
Expect all forms of communications to be disrupted
Jesper Ellerman
Banks are in grave trouble
Message to the Generals globally, The Draco queen again appealed.
The general fertility rate
JEDI project, a $10 billion, If you own bitcoin or other crypto-currencies?
Lets look at two drinks shall with that are highly addictive.
Lets look at the correlation between Larva and Lava.
The Djinns reside in the mountains
Nibiru’s planet was dying, With the power pack in place the expansion of the planet
It was stated that 62% here are human
The purge is underway and manifesting
Stakes are higher now than ever

August 8
Newtown shooting, when 26 people
The American middle class is falling deeper into debt
People of all colors have to get smart
HSBC CEO Abruptly Ousted,
Kim will not be bailing out the Treasury
President of OECD, in a Confidential 1989 letter to Marion Horn, Jr.
Here all started with the Abraxan’s a group of humanoid
16500 years ago back came the Draco
The 3 main controllers of humanity,
In order to be controlled
Stop looking for a Savior, if you find one, most likely it was created for you
The New Plan should be written with ALL OF YOU
Yes, there is Source/God, “dial direct”
The only way to win the game IS NOT TO PLAY

August 15
We do not wish to go down the separation path
TPC villages
Of course we also have a ramp up of agents within the group,
So it is the 15th of August and although markets and all kinds of pointers towards economic collapse
I read out Cease and desist to Jesper (aka Peter) Ellerman and the former know Kingdom of Manna
The Epstein saga
In the hour that it takes a new Walmart employee to earn the $11
They use fear often as a way of dragging peoples vibration down,
Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.
Following recent claims of violence between races in America
Thomas raw I could have gone woe is me
Influence without affluence

August 22
financial records of The Peoples club
I warned the two worlds would get wider this year
Canada is a hot bed of clowns,
The Source of Life is hiring.
The House Homeland Security Committee
Update report on the 39 species below our feet,
This has been a long standing problem on this planet
The TPC and groups was launched for we the people to provide a plan and what happened
There is no cabal anymore, will repeat that again
So, I finally made it onto a show with Richard Hoagland
October 2013 onwards
The illiterate for this century will not be like the last century,
It will require the input of the all, not just the few,

August 29
The you that exists in the future is present here in the now,
This show is about reiterating our own roles in it
The Kingdom of Manna as many now know
Then the tribe found out that
We don’t need this hierarchy structure
Purdue Pharma,
The road to a world powered by renewable energy
Prince Philip just received $950 trillion
Trade war with China is now escalating
What Trump and team should have done is have contingency plans to protect the American people and jobs,
Contradictory statements of we the people that I would like all to look at
We don’t think enough on all levels
You have had all the information, details
Choice is yours, not mine, it always was,
(M) Get a grip. Sovereignty is what we want!

September 5
President Donald Trump on Thursday marked the inauguration of a U.S. military command for space
I did a piece back in 2014-15 time about the dangers the police face in the coming years,
I did state not much would come from all these investigations
Has anyone stopped to think why one country gets so much more inclement weather
AWS has been the favorite to emerge
DOD was finalizing draft bid specifications for JEDI.

September 12
Dear Ms. Von Reitzinger-Hapsberg,
US health officials are urging Americans to stop vaping
SNAP benefits formerly known as food stamp
Eighteen years ago yesterday was the anniversary of one of America’s darkest moments,

September 19
IMF closed all is banks in Belize
The New York attorney general’s office
James Clapper endorsed many of the things mentioned in the shows
The ozone hole over Antarctica this year
UK running fear campaigns ran by the police and the Red Cross,
Banking issues raised their heads again this week
The Draco queen has made apologies on behalf of her family
The Saudi Arabia oil incident
In my piece last week on 9/11, my focus was on America
A woman in Florida Taylor Bland Ball, lost custody of her child
Why does gods book tell you to fear him 84 times?

September 26
The government of Guatemala has declared a state of emergency
Earth’s magnetic field
Amazon rainforest
Vril group
The Q movement is losing people in droves
Given the 1000’s of teachers being charged
Antarctic sea ice had barely changed from where it was 100 years ago
Life in prisons largely filled with people who under common or natural law
A world far more heinous and hideous
Smart cities
Yes there is a source
This is why we have so many lines

October 3
Is this another of the Bush/Clinton death trail
Mexican authorities are currently investigating
More than 35,000 people were forced to flee their homes
Jakobshavn Glacier
raided genetic testing laboratories
Attempts to initiate Solomon’s demons will be thwarted
The NSA is part of the old control system and trying with the CIA to create a new control system.
Steve R. Pieczenik
The Sanhedrin
Did you know our world is only 5% developed,

October 10
Hygge could be defined as intentionally created intimacy
Planned Parenthood
Did you know a 1995 CIA and DIA document release
The deal with the Fed and the banks was cancelled
Behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund
The meeting was about the Green Deal,
Trump is being carpeted over the Ukraine
Adam Schiff stance on Trump
18 US Code S squiggle symbol sign 2385
We lost touch with ourselves, our heart center, our natural law rules,

October 17
David Rea
Avoiding dangerous global heating
Amazon’s AI-based home security system
The Ugandan government
Back in 2014 I warned Californians
Several thousand near 3/4 of a million of a certain group on this planet were deleted permanently
Mirror reflects back and the eyes see what the brain tells them,
Our life is consumed by supporting and upholding the lie
Life is the mirror
What is human
A new chapter of what it means to be human will have to be defined

October 24
Legal marijuana in California
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange
So Justin Trudeau has been voted back in Canada,
S.168 Summary
Defense Department official Laura Cooper
One thing I need to address and I can guarantee
Federal Air Traffic Controllers, and also the records of MUFON
What is life?
what is love? do we really know

October 31
WhatsApp sued Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group
commentator Candace Owens
The California fires
Falun Gong
Unit 8200
The history of that church and stories like just read out, that church and it’s whole cat cult religion should be
Recently I have been talking about self mastery and forging the sword inside of you
This whole planet has been in a reduction and retraction phase on all levels
THI was tasked as the guardians of the Trust

November 7
A week where the Kerry Cassidy Camelot
Two things from this China
RT’s Max Keiser sat down with publisher David Morgan to discuss the turmoil in the repo markets,
President Emmanuel Macron of France has described Nato as “brain” dead,
A recent study has found that Infants and school children
Studies have linked Common Core
Finally confirmation that America is pulling out of that what was once a treaty
Following clown attempts to reset the banks software,
The website for the ANNA
Asperger’s syndrome (AS) is one of a group of neurological disorders known as autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).
And the white supremacist program
The world of politics
The idea is not to eliminate the dark,
One thing people must not do from our shows is
A map of the dark was posted called the Ba’al path
If we all speak up on solutions as much as we do on complaining

November 14

Sacha Stone ITNJ to be thrown under “Steele” bus

Vatican installs Moloch statue

Texas abortion trial


Sask Power begins smart meter removal

China rolling out facial recognition

KKR and Company/Walgreens Boots Alliance

KIMS rollout 1. Monetary 2. Military 3. Media 4. Judicial 5. Legal

The Meek will inherit the Earth!


John David Rockefeller III Puerto Rico

Ukraine WWII Operation Nightingale

Emerald Tablets

Man “Fell”


November 28
Bernhard Arnault LVMH Tiffany acquisition Bezos Gates. 
Richest person in the world piece
G cloud and GNA getting closer
Eschelon and Signet
This is not a social group. It’s a working group.

December 5
London Bridge incident False Flag
Rothschilds have begging bowl out to Russian oligarchs
Global banking system meltdown pending
People of India need to wake up
Ayn Rand
Black Cube and Cambridge Analytica
A separation of the two worlds begins in earnest

December 12

Jerry Nadler
Aramco IPO
Ronald Lauder (WJC)
Afghan War – “Pentagon Papers”
IG Report – British Agent Christopher Steele
Black Sabbath War Pigs song piece
Rothschild confessed Order of Black Sun was their enemy
The Trust belongs to everyone on this planet, but remains closed now
“The Open Letter” on climate change
ITNJ is a front for MI5 MI6
GADHIMAI animal sacrifice festival In Nepal
Thomas Fahr Steyer

December 19
Greta Thunberg Person of the Year
Purdue Pharmaceutical Sackler Family lawsuits
Jewish African American Alliance
UN climate meeting falls into chaos
Congress – Bribery, sedition, treason
Mormons – more direct version of the Cult of Ra
Eastern-based spirituality corrupted
Worship or Warship?
Right hand path vs left hand path

THI Show